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US supermarkets have limited the sale of meat: what customers need to know

Costco and Kroger have limited the number of fresh meat products that every customer can purchase, writes Fox News.

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In response to changing shopping habits amid the coronavirus crisis, Costco announced over the weekend that it would implement restrictions on beef, pork and poultry products. Previously, the restrictions were introduced by the Kroger chain: on May 3, it announced “some restrictions on the sale of fresh pork and ground beef products in“ select stores ”.

"Costco has introduced restrictions on certain products to help more members buy the products they want and need," the supermarket chain wrote on its official page. "Our buyers and suppliers are working hard to provide essential high-demand and fast-moving consumer goods."

For participants, this means the opportunity to buy only three fresh meat products from an assortment of beef, pork or poultry at a time.

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Costco's new policy is just one of several implemented in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last week of April, the network announced that as of Monday, May 4, customers will have to wear masks. The company also limited the number of guests that a club member could bring to the store and changed opening hours (however, on May 1, Costco announced that "most" of the warehouses would return to normal operation in early May).

Costco does not disclose specific reasons for restricting meat sales, although industry analysts and insiders have warned of a possible shortage of meat across the food supply chain since early April. Since then, several large national meat processing enterprises, including those operated by Smithfield Foods and Tyson Foods, have been forced to close due to outbreaks of coronavirus or personnel problems resulting from the crisis.

“It's different now, so we have to see how the system works in the next couple of weeks,” said food supply chain spokeswoman Sarah Little of the North American Meat Institute in late April. "The system has never been tested like this before."

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