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Aldi supermarkets: what you should and should not buy in this network

Aldi Is a German grocery supermarket chain famous for its low prices. The chain recently entered the US market, becoming one of the cheapest grocery stores in the US. The retailer claims that by shopping there, you can save up to 50% compared to American supermarkets, although experts say that the price difference reaches 18-25% depending on the product.

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Even such a difference is undoubtedly profitable, but, nevertheless, not all products on the shelves Aldi Cheaper than your local grocery store Cheat sheet.

It has compiled a list of goods from the purchase of which in Aldi it is better to refuse, as well as those that are sold there at the best price.

What not to buy in Aldi

1. Fruits and vegetables

Prices of fruits and vegetables in Aldi are very profitable, but buyers often complain about the quality of the product, sometimes they are stale or spoiled, which significantly reduces the intended period of their use. Therefore, when deciding to buy cheap fruits and vegetables in this supermarket, try to get small portions that you can eat quickly, and also pay close attention to product quality.

2. Meat

Aldi offers quite good prices for meat; however, according to experts, large chains mostly try to compete with each other, not paying attention to the pricing policy of small stores. And it is in your local small supermarket that you will most likely be able to find better prices for meat than in Aldi.

3. Brand Products Aldi

Under its brand Aldi sells bread and butter. Similar products from other brands will cost you much less at a local store. If you want to buy in Aldi butter or bread of another brand, this transaction will also not be the best price, this network does not accept coupons, so in another store you can get a much better price with a coupon and discounts.

4. Semi-finished products

Aldi sells ready-made dough for biscuits or frozen and ready-to-bake rolls, but the quality of these products leaves much to be desired. More profitable deals can be found in retail stores of famous baking and dessert brands.

5. Vacuum bags

Prices for this product in Aldi very low, but buyers repeatedly complained about their quality and leakage.

6. Paper goods

Paper towels and toilet paper will cost much less. Target or at your local supermarket. Prices there are the same as in Aldi, but in other stores you can use coupons that paper goods manufacturers often distribute.

Products worth buying in Aldi

1. Organic Products

Organic products in Aldi cheaper than in Whole Foodswhile maintaining the high quality of these products.

2. Chocolate

Сеть Aldi is widely known for purchasing some of the best (and most affordable) German chocolates, offering them the best prices on the American market.

3. Gluten free products

Switching to gluten-free foods is a big change for both your lifestyle and your wallet, as they are more expensive. Moreover, in Aldi there is a very affordable product line liveGfree, including pancakes, pretzels, biscuits, mixtures for baking and pasta, not containing gluten. And the prices for them are significantly lower than for similar products in other stores.

4. Grocery

Aldi Offers the best prices on cereals, sauces, and other grocery items.

5. Dairy

Milk, cheese, butter or yogurt is sold in Aldi at very competitive prices that other supermarket chains cannot compete with.

6. Partner Brand Products Aldi

90% of goods on shelves in Aldi Are brands that you will not find anywhere else. These products are identical to their well-known counterparts, but cheaper, so you can save a lot on them.

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