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Startup 14-year-old teen made a splash at a conference in Brooklyn

14-year-old Taylor Rosenthal was one of the discoveries of the prestigious TechCrunch portal this week, which talks about start-ups and online products.

Rosenthal from Opelika, Alabama, created a machine for selling first aid items. According to Taylor, the idea was born to him, because the injured children, parents can not always find a plaster or some other means of prime necessity.

A startup called RecMed was launched in 2015, and the student has already managed to attract 100 thousand dollars of investment. At the same time, Rosenthal reportedly refused to sell his startup for $ 30 million.

“I was told that I am the youngest inventor ever invited to such a conference. It's great, ”says Rosenthal.

The boy was one of the 19 students of the School of Young Entrepreneurs, when they were asked to come up with a business idea. The student of the 8 class, the round high school student and one of the leaders of the school baseball team approached the solution of the issue creatively.

According to him, vending machines with items for first aid should, among other things, be located on sports arenas, where children and youth teams play.

In the device created by Rosenthal, which is already patented, you can buy bandages, rubber gloves, hydrocortisone wipes and gauze compresses (cost - from $ 6 to $ 20), as well as kits for helping with sunburn, cuts, blisters and bee stings (cost - from $ 6 to $ 16).

The machine is decorated in the red, black and white colors of the school where Taylor Rosenthal is studying. According to the teenager, already in the fall, his products may appear in “places with a large concentration of children,” such as amusement parks and beaches.

So far, RecMed has received an order for 100 machines from the American Six Flags amusement park chain. The cost of one machine is $ 5500. Rosenthal will also receive a percentage of the products sold through the vending machine.

Kyle Sandler, the founder of the business incubator for start-up entrepreneurs at the Round House in Opelika, is confident in the bright future of the young inventor.

“Taylor spends every free minute at school working on RecMed. On Christmas Eve, we just had to put him out the door. He's so focused on the project, ”says Sandler.

Round House provided Rosenthal with his office and consultancy assistance in exchange for a stake in 20% in his business.

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