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American weirdness: a Russian-speaking immigrant spoke about the peculiarities of life in the USA

Author of the channel "Happy in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen shared her view on the differences in the way of life in Russia and the United States. Further - from the first person.

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By weirdness in this case, I mean the differences between what I'm used to in Russia and how the same thing works in the States.

I mean differences in everyday life, in thoughts, in lifestyle, etc. Big and small, funny and sad, important and not so. Of course, some of them are positive, others are negative. Personally for me.

Everyone has their own experience, their own story. I share what seems strange and unusual for me. If it is not so with you, well, we are different too.

In general, there are quite a few things in which we have differences. But I will focus on these:

small talk - this is a well-known phenomenon for many: short conversations between strangers or unfamiliar people in line, on a walk, in a store, in a cinema and in other places. People here ask how are you, talk about the weather, smile, compliment your earrings, dress or your dog. They say and disagree. It is not customary to do this in Russia. But I really like this point.

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Shower - a trifle, but so inconvenient! For some reason (it seems to me this is not at all reasonable) here the shower is bolted to the wall, and it does not have any hose. We had to buy the hose separately and screw it on. It's good that the problem was easily solved. But the reasons for this behavior are incomprehensible to me. And how do they wash the bath, if water practically pours from the ceiling? How to wash a dog? Unclear!
And the baths here are shallow, shallow!

Apartments for rent - most apartments are rented out empty, completely unfurnished, but with all the household appliances. And here is also a one-room apartment, which has one full bedroom with a built-in wardrobe and a kitchen combined with the hall.

Tip - also many people know about it. It is customary to leave a tip in any case - 10-15-20% of the check amount. Personally, I do not really agree with such a system. And not because I am a miser. But because I want to encourage employees and companies when they do their job well, are pleasant in communication and service. I think this is an honest approach.

Driving - I don’t know about other states, but Massachusetts has a very low driving culture, which is most likely due to poor quality training. Many do not believe, but the drive here is much worse than in our native Irkutsk. Although the roads, interchanges and infrastructure are quite good.

Attitude towards animals - in many places (hotels, cafes, shops and even museums) you can come with dogs, which is very different from Russia. This item is very important for us, because we have a beloved dog named Rada.

Measurement system - here they use not the metric system of measurement, but the imperial or English one. That is, they use inches, ounces, gallons, yards, Fahrenheit and other tricky names. And this is very inconvenient! Only three countries in the world have not yet switched to the more familiar to us centimeters, celsius and kilograms - the United States, Myanmar and Liberia. By the way, it is the metric system that is the international system of units.

Medicine + insurance - these two systems are not arranged in the same way as in Russia. There are a lot of questions about medicine in the USA, and not only because of the fabulous cost. The quality also leaves much to be desired.

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Convenience for people - in this area, the States have clearly tried. Many places have free and decent toilets that you can walk into. In addition, there are water fountains for people and dogs. In the vast majority, hiking trails in national parks and even small forests are marked, there are maps of the area - they are easy to navigate and choose a route.

Original column published on the blog. "Happy in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen

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