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Worth Seeing: 12 Most Scenic Lakes in Northern California

You don't need to be an Olympic swimmer to love the lakes, rivers and streams of Northern California. And you don't have to have your own boat to enjoy the ocean. There are thousands of ways to relax to the soothing sounds of the water. Only in Your State offers several popular and incredibly beautiful places on the embankments, where you can enjoy mesmerizing views and have a good time.

Photo: Shutterstock

1. Lake Trinity

Once known as Clare Angle Lake, it got its current name after the County built the Trinity Dam. It is the third largest water reservoir in California. Its canals run through the Trinity Forest.

2. Lake Stowe Lake

This place looks just magical, like a scene from a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. You can find this gem in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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3. Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is a real gentle giant. This place is beyond competition, the water is calling - come!

4. McCloud River

There are three types of waterfalls here. McCloud is a lovely little town with frequent cycling and hiking trips.

5. Lake Tenaya

If you are in Mariposa, stop here! The reflection of clouds in the water of the lake makes it possible to take a great photo. Tenaya Lake Hotel is located near the best spots in Yosemite Park. The lake is a great place to visit when you visit the park.

6. Bay of San Francisco

Locals believe that there is nothing more beautiful than an evening in the bay, when the sun sets at the water's edge. However, sunrise or sunset does not matter. Any shot will be great. This sunset was filmed near the town of Sausalito:

Photo: Shutterstock

7. Mormon Creek

Judge Tuttle discovered gold on the banks of the Mormon River in the mid-1800s. He built a log cabin near the beach and the town became known as Tuttletown. The stream runs through parts of Tuolomne County, including Jamestown and Sonora.

8. Lake Jabu

Lake Jabu also has a second name - it is called Lucille. Few know about it, because the lake is located in the wilderness - in the place that is called the "desert" in the National Forest of El Dorado. You can go hiking to see this place.

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9. Salmon River

The river is about 20 miles long (over 30 km) and originates in the Trinity Alps mountains. It has two branches that run through the Klamath National Forest. There are no dams along the way of the water to obstruct the flow.

10. Emerald Bay

Next time you're in the Lake Tahoe area, stop by this little local gem. Some people think this is a piece of heaven on earth. This place is photographed more than other bodies of water in Northern California. And you can see why.

11. River Smith

The Smith River flows through three forests and is in the northernmost part of the state, and the city is named after her. Smith River is the wettest city in the entire state. It receives an average of 70 inches (177 cm) of rain per year, compared to 35 inches (89 cm) for the rest of the state.

12. Sempervirens Falls

You can find this beauty at Big Basin Redwoods. A trip to the park will certainly require a visit to this wonderful waterfall. It got an interesting name from the term Sequoia Sempervirens - this is the Latin name for sequoia.

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