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Worth a penny, but looks like a million: what to buy in US dollar stores

If you've ever shopped at dollar stores, you know that you can get a lot more for your money on certain items than you can buy at Walmart or another store. But what better way to save a ton of money on everyday household items than to find items that look expensive but only cost about $1. Finds like these make it easy to stock up on art supplies, buy gifts, or update room décor. About what can be bought profitably in dollar stores, the publication told Yahoo!.

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Decorative adhesive tape

“Dollar Tree has cute sets of five rolls of decorative tape for $1,25 that look just as good as anything you find in a craft store, but they cost a lot less,” said Julie Ramhold of DealNews. “In fact, to get a similar set, in some stores you need to pay $10 for eight rolls.”

Decorative picture frames

Framing a personal photo for friends and family members is a great gift for which you don’t have to shell out a tidy sum. Sometimes it's hard to find a nice decorative photo frame at a low price, but dollar stores often have discounts like this. For example, Dollar General offers a 4x6" frame for $10 and larger options for $15.

Bourbon glasses

“They look very elegant and better than just an old-fashioned glass, and they cost only $1,25 apiece,” says Julie. “You can buy four or six and pair them with a more expensive crystal decanter. You will get your own set or even a special gift.”

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Pilsner glasses

“They look exactly like the ones you get at your favorite pub, but you won't go broke buying a set,” Ramhold explained. “They are perfect for enjoying your favorite local craft beer and no one will know how little you spent on them.”

Decorative plate-stand

“They really add an extra dimension to your establishment, and Dollar Tree has a great variety of them in different styles,” she said. “There are even plastic ones, but metal and wood look more expensive than they really are.”

Disney Gift Bags

Dollar stores offer good discounts on Disney-themed gift bags compared to stores like Walmart. For example, you can find large Paw Patrol gift bags for $1 each at Dollar General, while Walmart offers a large Paw Patrol gift bag for $6,98.

coffee mugs

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of dollar store items that look more expensive is coffee mugs,” said Brook Grasley, founder of Restore, Decor&More. You can find really nice coffee mugs at the dollar store, and they don't have to be cheap. There are some really good ceramic mugs that can cost $5 or $XNUMX elsewhere. Whether you're looking for a nice gift for a coffee lover or designing a cute coffee shop, dollar store mugs are definitely worth a look."

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Other types of glassware

“The glassware section is a great place to find items in the dollar store. They look more expensive, says Grasli. — There are very beautiful glasses for wine, champagne and margaritas. And since everything costs only one dollar, you can afford to buy several pieces to create a really good set. So if you're in need of new glassware for a special occasion, or just looking to upgrade your everyday drinking glasses, be sure to check out your local store."

wall decor

Whether you're shopping for a small sign for your bathroom or looking for kitchen-themed wall decor, visit your local store to check out the range. For example, Dollar General has some small wall signs that look expensive. These items change depending on the season.

Helium Balls

If you need helium-filled fancy balloons for your upcoming party, but don't want to spend more than $50, check out the dollar store. The choice may be limited, but you will be able to save a lot.

"Helium balloons are perfect for birthday parties and cost $1 at the dollar store instead of $3,99 at other outlets," said James Crawford, co-founder of DealDrop.

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