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United States tightened asylum rules for immigrants

The United States will refuse to provide asylum to migrants who came from third countries through Mexico and did not seek asylum in this Latin American republic or in other states that are in the way of their passage.

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He writes about it NewsRu with reference to the website of the Federal Register - a collection of official acts of the American government.

“The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice <…> are introducing <…> a criterion for considering asylum requests to aliens who arrive or intend to enter the United States from the southern border and have not previously applied for asylum from persecution or torture in a third country, through the territory which they passed on their way to the United States, ”the document says. It clarifies that such foreigners - “with a limited number of exceptions” - will not be eligible for asylum in the United States if they have not previously applied to the authorities of a third country, “which is not their country of citizenship or permanent residence, but through which they passed on their way to the United States. "

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Exceptions to this rule will be made for foreigners brought to the United States against their will, as well as for those who have been denied asylum in a third country.


В document published in the State Register on July 16, 2019, it says that "written or electronic comments must be submitted no later than August 15, 2019". This means that after that the document will come into force.

Mexico reaction

Mexican authorities are not going to change their asylum policy due to the tightening of similar rules in the United States. This was announced on Monday by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

“These measures are subject to US jurisdiction. They will not affect Mexican citizens. We will not change our asylum policy, ”he said at a conference that was broadcast on Facebook.

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Ebrard noted that the Mexican authorities did not agree with the US decision to tighten the rules for granting asylum. “We have an absolutely opposite position. In Mexico, you can ask for political asylum, and it is very unlikely that Mexico will deny asylum to a person who asks for it because of political persecution, ”he added.

Last Saturday and Sunday in a number of US cities underwent surgery Immigration and customs control services for the detention of illegal migrants with a view to their subsequent deportation. These measures are taken on the orders of Trump, who, even during the election campaign in 2016, promised to pursue a tighter immigration policy, as well as to strengthen border control. According to estimates by the US Department of Homeland Security, there are approximately 11 million illegal migrants in the country.

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