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The United States found the cause of the mysterious illness of American diplomats: they were attacked

The US National Academy of Sciences has identified the possible causes of the mysterious illnesses of diplomats in Cuba and China. Such diseases were also reported by intelligence officers who visited Russia, so the role of Moscow in this was also considered in the report of the Academy of Sciences. Writes about it with the BBC.

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Mysterious neurological symptoms complained of by American diplomats in Cuba and China may be related to directional high-frequency radiation, it is argued in a 64-page reportcommissioned by the US State Department by the National American Academy of Sciences, Engineering Research and Medicine.

In 2016-2017, more than 40 employees of the US Embassy in Havana went to the doctors with complaints of poor health. The symptoms of the mysterious disease were similar to those of a moderate concussion. Victims complained of dizziness, sometimes accompanied by tinnitus, insomnia, vision problems, and headaches that interfere with concentration.

They also noted that high-frequency sounds of unknown origin were recorded.

And in the spring of 2018, American diplomats from the consulate in China reported the same health problems. The mysterious disease was then reported by 12 consular officers. The United States took them back to their homeland to identify the causes of the disease.

"Experts believe that most of the unique signs and symptoms reported by State Department officials are associated with exposure to directional pulsed high-frequency radio waves," the report said.

From Cuba to China

At the end of September 2017, the US State Department announced the termination of the issuance of entry visas to Cuban citizens. At the same time, it was announced that 60% of the American diplomatic missions would leave the island, and US citizens were advised to refrain from any travel to Cuba.

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The US authorities justified this decision by the emerging health problems of 21 employees of the consulate in Havana.

At the same time, all victims reported that they heard loud high-frequency sounds and described the symptoms of ailments in the same way. Several such cases were recorded in the residential complexes of the diplomatic mission, and in the rooms of the Capri Hotel in Havana, where foreigners usually stay.

After such statements, experts suggested that the cause of the problems could be the effect of directed ultrasonic or infrared radiation, but they could not name its source.

In the summer of 2018, the United States had to urgently evacuate its diplomats from Guangzhou, China. State Department spokeswoman Heather Neuert said at the time that a team of American doctors went to Guangzhou in early June to investigate complaints of strange noises that caused unpleasant sensations.

Ginny Lee, a spokeswoman for the US Embassy in China, said that an employee of the US consulate was injured as a result of the "sound effects" His name was not disclosed.

As a result of an examination in the United States, he was diagnosed with a brain injury. The State Department set up a special team to investigate the causes of the disease, but it was never able to find anything.

“The nature of the injuries sustained by affected personnel has not yet been determined, as well as whether all of these cases are caused by the same cause,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in the summer of 2018.

Specialists from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, where they examined diplomats who worked in Cuba and China, could not make an accurate diagnosis of the victims.

The State Department then said that it was about targeted "attacks" on diplomats.

Moscow trace

After the speech of the representative of the State Department, information appeared in the media that the American special services believed that Moscow could be behind such attacks on diplomats. The FBI and CIA experts came to this conclusion based on the interception of telephone conversations and messages sent by Russian representatives.

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Moreover, the sources claimed that Russian intelligence officers involved in the development of "high-frequency weapons" were seen in the immediate vicinity of the residential complex of the US Embassy in Cuba.

The US intelligence services did not officially comment on this information. And in the fall of 2020, it became known that the theory of Russia's involvement appeared in connection with the attack on the CIA officer Mark Polymeropoulos.

In December 2017, Polymeropoulos, who had just been appointed deputy head of the CIA department in charge of covert operations in Europe, came to Moscow. During the 10-day trip, he was supposed to, among other things, hold a series of meetings with the leaders of the Russian intelligence services.

After one of these meetings, he returned to his room at the Marriott Hotel near the American Embassy and fell asleep peacefully.

“I woke up unexpectedly in the middle of the night,” he said. - I was shaking, nauseous, dizzy. The whole room revolved around me, so I could not even get up, and my ears were constantly ringing. "

Then Polymeropoulos thought it was food poisoning, and continued with the scheduled meetings. But after a few days, the symptoms recurred, and he was forced to return to the United States.

A few months later, a CIA officer turned to doctors with a complaint of persistent migraine attacks. After a series of examinations, Polymeropoulos was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, but could not establish the cause of the disease. Due to frequent headaches, he was forced to retire.

“I couldn't sit at the computer, or hold meetings,” he explained. "The headaches were too bad."

Polymeropoulos is confident that the incident was a deliberate attack by Russian intelligence services. The only thing he is not sure about is whether the attack was directed at him or whether it was carried out in order to take over his computer or phone, and he himself became an accidental victim.

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According to Polymeropoulos, another CIA officer who traveled with him to Moscow experienced exactly the same symptoms, and several US intelligence officers working in Russia were subjected to "acoustic attacks".

What scientists have found

A US team of 19 experts in neurology, radiology, engineering and other disciplines has been researching acoustic attacks for over a year, but has not been able to decide whether the incidents in Havana, Guangzhou and Moscow could be considered a planned intelligence operation.

In their report, the experts note that experiments with directed high-frequency microwave and radio emission were carried out in the USA and the USSR 50 years ago. However, the published report does not specify who could use such weapons again.

“We can only say that all of these people have been exposed to real and clinically determined exposure,” said Stanford University professor David Relman, who led the panel of experts. "At least most of the symptoms these patients described can be attributed to the use of these types of high-frequency radiation."

The authors of the report were unable to get access to information about all victims. They had research papers from several diplomats who had been examined by the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Miami and the US National Institutes of Health. And only 8 out of 50 victims agreed to answer the experts' questions.

The report indicates that experts have studied three possible versions: injury due to high-frequency radiation, poisoning with chemicals used to kill insects, and possible psycho-emotional disorders. Scientists considered the version of the defeat by high-frequency radiation the most likely.

The State Department is still trying not to comment on the research results.

"The investigation into the incidents is still ongoing, so we cannot name one of the reasons for what happened," the State Department said. “The report claims that the symptoms are consistent with those of high frequency radio waves. This term can be used in medicine or science, but not in order to draw definitive conclusions. "

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