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Term for depression: Russia began to delay the purchase of drugs from abroad

Life in Russia for everyone is a game of Russian roulette. You do not know when you go to jail and for what, writes Новая газета. Russia began to delay the purchase of drugs that are not on sale in the country.

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I bought my son a Chinese console on the Internet - a prison for using “spyware” (although all the other children play quietly), baked buns with poppy seeds - a prison for drug trafficking, liked something - extremism and prison, published a scientific article in a foreign journal - treason , became involved in the production - you are a crook ...

But if earlier occasions were compatible with vital signs, then recently - and more and more often - with the fact that life and health is not compatible. The doctor gave the patient suffering from the last stage of cancer painkillers - a prison. Relatives brought medicine from abroad, which the state does not want to buy, but is unable to produce by itself - a prison. The mother, saving a child, buys medicine “forbidden” in Russia - a prison. And here's the last case - a woman bought an anti-depressant on the Internet for herself, which was once certified, and now for some reason not, they took it on the mail with the package on hand.

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Alexander Dolphins - journalist, poet and activist - standing at the exit of the Okhotny Ryad metro station and painting a poster with color markers: “Medicines are not drugs!” Stop the case of Daria Belyaeva! ” A single picket near the State Duma should begin at 3 in the afternoon, but drizzle threatens to upset the plans.

Dolphins came to Russia from Germany, where he lives with 2001, at the Moscow poetry-slam - the battle for the title of the best poet. And he won it yesterday. And today, the champion of the Moscow poetry slam came to the building of the Duma - with a picket against trumped-up criminal cases against people suffering from mental disorders.

Photo: Facebook Alexander Delfinov

In particular, against the case of 24-year-old Ekaterinburg Darya Belyaeva, who is suspected of smuggling drugs on a large scale (part 3 of the article 229.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). She suffers from schizotypal disorder.

On the advice of a doctor, but without a prescription, the girl ordered the Polish drug Elontril with the active ingredient bupropion in the Polish online store. She was detained right at the post office.

“The case of Daria Belyaeva began in April,” says the Dolphins. - She was detained for allegedly smuggling an antidepressant to Russia. According to the examination, bupropion is a substance derived from ephedron. And ephedron is on the first list of narcotic and psychotropic substances banned in Russia. It turned out that the substance that was not included in any list of prohibited, equated to the prohibited. And this is smuggling drugs on a large scale - from 10 years of imprisonment.

There is no bupropion in the “List of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and their Precursors to be Controlled in the Russian Federation” - none of the four lists.

The word “derivatives”, which was added to the text as a result of the legislative amendments of 2011 – 2012, allowed the criminal case to be filed against the girl.

It is implied that substances created by the formal substitution of atoms in the original substance are derivatives of them. So, too, should be banned.

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An activist is in favor of removing the concept of “derivatives” from the list of prohibited substances. Previously, it was used to combat new types of synthetic drugs - now they start cases against people with mental disorders.

Dolphins also takes bupropion:

“I have a different diagnosis, but I drink exactly the same pills. I represent a community of people living with psychiatric diagnoses. ” This time, he did not bring a drug prescribed to him by a doctor in Germany to Russia, although this was not a problem back in May last year. Then he brought bupropion in an amount that would now allow him to be accused of smuggling drugs on a large scale.

- This manipulation can affect all people living with diagnoses. Anyone who has drugs in Russia that can be equated to “drugs” as drugs. For example, antiepileptic drugs. There are antiepileptic drugs that are not made in Russia. People who have children with epilepsy order them from abroad. Now they can be equated to forbidden. But you try to guess! You have to be a professional chemist to determine if you can move an atom in the scheme or not.

"This is a delusional situation that allows fabrication of business from scratch."

Dolphin wears a black cape and a scarf with a skull. The costume should symbolize depression: “We have anti-depressants, which means it is depression. It is clear, yes? ".

The law enforcement officers will remove the scarf with the skull from him after his arrest: in the protocol drawn up by the 5 activist on the 20.2 part of the KoAP (violation of the established procedure by the participant) he was detained in a “mask”. “In fact, they were detained after the picket, there was no mask, there were no demands, the staff did not introduce themselves,” Dolphinov told Novaya Gazeta.

The activist stood in a single picket for almost an hour, from 15: 13 to 16: 00. The building of the State Duma at that time did not have a single guard. Half an hour later, two law enforcement officers approached him and, without saying a word, took pictures. And left. After 20 minutes, when the Dolphins were walking to the metro, a paddy wagon drove up to the Duma. He was detained without explanation.

Photo: Facebook Alexander Delfinov

“Today, May 10, on holidays, when people's deputies are resting, we held a small campaign here. We are me and my multiple personalities. Depression came to the State Duma, a little bit stood in a depressive state here - because antidepressants are gradually becoming inaccessible. ”

With these words, the Dolphins completed their single picket. A few minutes later he went to the police department of the Tverskoy district. He was assigned a trial on May 23.

The story of Daria Belyaeva

Daria Belyaeva 24 of the Year, and the next 20 years she risks to spend in prison.

“A few years ago, Darya was diagnosed with a schizotypal disorder. She was actively treated in psychiatry, she was prescribed a lot of drugs. But the depressive symptoms inherent in almost any mental disorder could not be removed with ordinary antidepressants that restore serotonin levels, says the Pretty Eerie community in Vkontakte, which is engaged in helping Belyaevoy. “Daria learned that depression can be associated not only with serotonin, but also with dopamine.” Bupropion is the only antidepressant on the drug market that affects dopamine. After consulting a doctor, Daria decided to order this medicine under the trade name Elontril. ”

According to Irina Ruchko, a lawyer to Darya Belyaeva, the girl's doctor did not give her a direct recommendation to take Elontril, but only said that this medicine could help her.

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Daria placed an order. 7 April a parcel for her arrived from Poland at the post office in Yekaterinburg. The next day, when the girl came for the package, she was detained.

- The drug Elontril itself ephedrone does not contain, but contains bupropion. However, customs experts believe that somehow ephedron can be obtained from bupropion, says lawyer Irina Ruchko. - It is interesting that there is no significant criminal practice on bupropion. I know only about two cases of detentions related to bupropion, both of them occurring in March-April of this year, and both occurred in Moscow. That is, the spring of this year can be called the beginning of the fight against bupropion.

The case of Darya Belyaeva shook the Russian community of psychotherapists.

“Criminal punishment for bupropion will seriously affect people suffering not only from schizotypal disorder, but also from depressions of varying severity, including psychotic depression, in which there is a pronounced suicidal tendency,” says psychotherapist Vasily Krasilnikov. - Bupropion is also effective in combating nicotine addiction and, importantly, for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. That is, it is given to children. It is important to say that the specific feature of bupropion is that it does not cause drug intoxication, that is, the person taking this medicine maintains clarity of mind.

Krasilnikov notes that before 2016, bupropion was not banned in Russia, and its ban is connected with the revocation of a license from a Russian manufacturer.

- That is, while the medicine was produced in Russia, there were no problems. As soon as it began to be supplied from abroad, claims immediately appeared, he says.

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“A special feature of this criminal case is that it is not the narcotic substance itself that is involved in it, but its derivative,” the ex-FSKN employee who wished to preserve anonymity, told Novaya Gazeta. - At the same time there is no clear list of derivatives of narcotic substances. This formulation, “derivatives,” appeared in Russian legislation in 2011, in the heyday of synthetic drugs. Then there was a race situation: drug producers created new types of drugs, simply making small changes to the formulas of already banned substances. The Russian government did not have time to ban everything that is thrown on the drug market. And then the word "derivatives" appeared: the replacement of several hydrogen atoms or halogens ceased to remove new drugs from the impact. But, as you can see, the second side of the coin was such criminal cases. Can a person without special education say that bupropion is a derivative of ephedron? Not. And there is no bupropion in the list of prohibited substances. But representatives of the security forces, of course, know that he is prohibited. And now, as you can see, enjoy it. Does this mean that the purchase of any drugs that are not registered in Russia is fraught with criminal prosecution? I would say there is a risk. It is necessary to carefully study the composition and chemical formula.

Darya Belyaeva has already chosen a preventive measure in the form of a recognizance not to leave.


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