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Named the safest airline in the world in 2020

The safest airline in the world was the Australian airline Qantas. The top three are also New Zealand Air New Zealand and Taiwanese EVA Air, writes RBC.

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The list of the safest airlines in the world in the coming 2020 was headed by the Australian carrier Qantas. The rating was prepared by experts of the AirlineRatings portal.

Specialists track the data of 405 airlines. When compiling the top 20, they take into account different criteria: statistics of accidents and incidents at carriers, government audits and inspections by oversight bodies, profitability, age of the fleet, and others.

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Qantas has been named the oldest continuously operating airline in the world - it is 99 years old - and placed in first place. AirlineRatings noted that during this time the company has accumulated unique experience in the field of aircraft operation and transportation safety.

The study reports that Qantas is a leader in the development of the air navigation system of the future, a flight data recorder for monitoring aircraft and crew, and automatic landing systems using GPS.

Airline Zealand was placed second in the AirlineRatings ranking, and EVA Air in third. The five most secure airlines close Etihad and Qatar Airways.

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Experts also presented the top 10 safest low-cost carriers in 2020. The list includes Air Arabia, Flybe, Frontier, HK Express, IndiGo, Jetblue, Volaris, Vueling, Westjet and Wizz.

In November Qantas broke her own record non-stop flight. Australian Airlines Boeing 787 flies from London to Sydney in 19 hours 19 minutes. On board the ship were 40 people, they flew 17,8 thousand km. The previous record, which also belonged to Qantas, was 19 hours 16 minutes, but during this time the plane flew from New York to Sydney only 16,2 thousand km.

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