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Top 10 of America’s richest cities: average income there from $ 300 thousand

According to a Bloomberg report, the richest city in the United States is an hour's drive from San Francisco.

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In its findings, the website analyzed data on cities in the USA, where at least 2000 families live. Each city was ranked based on their average income, writes Fox News.

Many of these dozens of cities are located near megacities.

Cities in the second, sixth, eighth and ninth places are an hour's drive from New York, and the one in tenth position is located near Chicago.

Here are 10 of the richest cities in the US, according to Bloomberg.

10. Glencoe, Illinois

Photo: Facebook screenshot /Village of Glencoe @ VGlencoe

Average household income in Glencoe: $ 339 883

Average Family Income in Illinois: $ 61 229

Glencoe, Illinois, is located at 20 miles (32,1 km) north of Chicago. It has about 9 of thousands of inhabitants, according to the page in Facebook.

9. Bronxville, NY

Median Family Income in the Bronxville: $ 340,448

New York State Family Income: $ 62 765

Bronxville, NY, is just 15 miles (24,14 km) north of New York, according to website settlement. The city was registered in 1898 year, and today about 6200 people live in it.

8. Darien, Connecticut

Photo: Facebook screenshot /Town of Darien, CT

Average household income in Darien: $ 341 090

Connecticut Average Family Income: $ 73 781

On US Census Bureau, Darien, Connecticut, is about an hour's drive from New York. In 2010, its population was 20 732 people. According to British encyclopedia, the area was first inhabited by colonists in the 1641 year.

7. Highland Park Texas

Photo: Facebook screenshot /Highland park community

Median Family Income in Highland Park: $ 358 994

Average Texas Family Income: $ 57 051

Highland Park, Texas, was first registered in the 1913 year, according to Online. The city is located outside of Dallas, its area is only about 2,26 square miles (5,85 sq. Km). About 8 900 residents live in it.

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6. Short Hills, New Jersey

Median Family Income in Short Hills: $ 367 491

Average Family Income in New Jersey: $ 76 475

According to the Census Bureau, in 2010 in Short Hills, located in Millburn, New Jersey, the population was 13 165. Just last year, Bloomberg named Short Hills the fifth richest city in the United States.

5. Hillsboro, CA

Photo: YouTube video frame /T10 Ideas

Hillsborough Average Family Income: $ 373 128

СCalifornia family average incomeand: $ 67 169

Hillsboro, California, is located just outside of San Francisco. The town was formed in 1910 year. Here is the famous Flintstone house. In March, city officials filed to court on the owners of the house for some unconventional decoration of the yard, including statues of dinosaurs.

4. Los Altos Hills, California

Average Los Altos Hills Family Income: $ 386 174

Average Family Income in California: $ 67 169

Los Altos Hills, California, is also close to San Francisco and has an area of ​​approximately 9 square miles (23,3 sq km), according to website. The city was founded in the 1956 year, and today it is home to a little more than 8000 residents.

3. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Average household income in Cherry Hills Village: $ 394 259

Average household income in Colorado: $ 65 458

South of Denver in 1945, Cherry Hills Village was registered, indicated on its Facebook page.

According to Bloomberg, former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning lives in Cherry Hills Village.

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2. Scarsdale, New York

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Average family income in Scarsdale: $ 417 335

New York State Family Income: $ 62 765

Scarsdale, NY, is about an hour's drive from New York, and this year has risen one line on the Bloomberg list. The average annual growth in household incomes was about 30 000 dollars.

1. Atherton California

Average family income in Atherton: $ 450 696

Average Family Income in California: $ 67 169

For three consecutive years, Atherton, California, tops the list of the richest cities in the United States according to Bloomberg. Among its wealthy residents are Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Eric Schmidt of Google.

The city is registered in 1923 year, it is located near San Francisco. In 2011, 6 995 people lived in it.

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