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Burned cars, looted shops: fierce protests continue in the US

The Minnesota state governor said protests over the death of African American George Floyd, which swept through dozens of US cities, were no longer connected with the murder, but were provoked by visiting radicals. In the cities of the United States impose curfew amid ongoing unrest, writes with the BBC.

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In Minneapolis, where the murder took place, as well as in Washington, Atlanta, New York and other major US cities, protesters clashed with police. The rallies continue, despite the fact that the demands of the protesters have been met - the police officer who used the death trick has been taken into custody, and an investigation has been launched against his colleagues.

The situation in Minneapolis

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walls on May 30, after four nights of unrest, announced the full mobilization of the state's National Guard - this is the first time since World War II.

On the same day, US President Donald Trump said that death "filled Americans with terror, anger and sadness." He said this in a televised address from Cape Canaveral after the launch of the Dragon spacecraft. Trump harshly condemned the actions of the "marauders and anarchists", stating that it is necessary to heal the wound, and not spread hatred and chaos, and promised to fight back the aggressive crowds.

According to Governor Walsa, a controlled group of outsiders, including supporters of the superiority of the white race and members of the drug cartels, provoked violence in Minneapolis. However, he did not provide evidence when journalists asked him to.

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According to the governor, up to 80% of those arrested came from outside the state, only eight Minnesota residents went to Hennepin County Prison, and it is unclear whether they were all arrested in connection with the riots in Minneapolis.

The Trump administration, in turn, is promoting the version that it is not the ultra-right, but the ultra-left, who may be behind the unrest. US Attorney General William Barr said that in many places the riots are organized by anarchist and leftist extremist groups. They come from out of state to promote violence, Barr argued. Trump himself also referred to the antifa movement and “other radical leftist groups” in his statement.

The violence that hit the streets on Friday night has become “a mockery and pretense that it is related to Floyd's death, or inequality, or historical trauma in our communities of color,” said the Governor of Minnesota.

On Friday, protesters in Minneapolis ignored the curfew imposed in the city the day before. After that, Governor Wals announced that for the first time in history he had mobilized the entire National Guard under the state. It is about 13 thousand people. The Pentagon also said that military police units are ready to support the Minnesota authorities if they ask about it. The governor has so far rejected this offer.

Riots and curfew

On Friday night, protesters clashed with police in Atlanta, New York, and Portland, and the White House was briefly blocked in Washington. On Saturday, everything went on.

Demonstrations took place in at least 30 cities. The authorities of American cities against the backdrop of protests impose curfews.

In Atlanta, a state of emergency was declared the day before, and curfew was introduced later. In this city on Friday, protesters smashed buildings and set fire to a police car. Clashes resumed on Saturday.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp imposed a state of emergency at the request of Mayor Keisha Bottoms to deploy up to 500 National Guard fighters. Bottoms herself said: “This is not a protest. This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. You have disgraced our city. You disgraced the life of George Floyd. ”

As of the evening of May 30, curfew was imposed in 25 US cities, writes DW.

Among them are Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Cleveland and others.

Protests are accompanied by riots and clashes with the police. Some demonstrators set fire to cars, rob shops and offices. Reported injuries from both the police and protesters.

Authorities in at least eight states involved National Guard soldier or requested their support to suppress unlawful acts and protests. In Philadelphia, more than 10 police officers were injured. The mayor extended the curfew until 6 a.m. on Monday. In Los Angeles, police used batons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. In Washington, disgruntled residents gather and protest near the White House.

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In Minneapolis, where protests began, police used tear gas. A state of emergency and curfew were imposed in Tennessee on May 30 after protesters set fire to a courthouse in Nashville, the state capital.

According to data on Saturday evening, May 30, for five days of protests, police arrested about 1400 people in 17 cities.

Attacks on the police took place in Los Angeles. Crowds of demonstrators set fire to police cars, emptied and robbed shops, participated in clashes with the police, hundreds of people were arrested.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a curfew, and also asked the governor to send from 500 to 700 employees of the National Guard. The mayor said they should help local law enforcement agencies suppress violence in the country's second largest city.

In Salt Lake City, the Governor of Utah engaged the state guard after riots broke out in downtown Saturday afternoon. The protest began peacefully, but then a group of people turned over the police car and set it on fire. Demonstrators also threw eggs at the police department.

The National Guard will be deployed in Texas and Colorado.

In Seattle, thousands of people gathered in the city center for a peaceful demonstration, and in the evening the police used pepper gas when the riots broke out. Arrests were carried out.

Several hundred people gathered again in Washington on Saturday. The National Guard surrounded the White House. The police used pepper gas, the protesters broke off pieces of concrete and threw them at the police.

Police were forced to use a chemical spray in the Brooklyn district of New York, although it all started as a peaceful procession. In Brooklyn, protesters clashed with government officials to attack police cars. Several police officers were injured, many protesters were detained.

The Miami peace protest also escalated into riots, some demonstrators set fire to police cars, police responded with tear gas, and the mayor announced a curfew.

"I can not breathe"

Protests in the United States began after the murder of African American George Floyd by police. On May 25, they stopped his car at a crossroads. Floyd was suspected of using counterfeit banknotes.

George Floyd, a 46 year old black man, died during police custody. The video shot on a passerby’s mobile phone showed an officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost 8 minutes, after which the man lost consciousness. Floyd was declared dead in the hospital. Police allegedly reacted to the alleged forgery. The person matching Floyd's description allegedly used a fake account.

The same officer and three other police officers were fired on May 26. They were identified as Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, To Tao and J. Alexander Quang. Derek Chauvin was taken into custody. Him indicted for murder of the third degree. For three more police officers, the investigation is ongoing. Protesters demand that all participants in the incident be brought to justice.

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In the U.S. curfew mass protests
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