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US Secret Agent Tips: How to Survive Extreme Situations

US Special Forces Officer Clint Emerson has been involved in covert government operations around the world for 20 years. And when he retired, he wrote an illustrated benefit bookin which he spoke about the skills and knowledge necessary to repel an attack and survival in a critical situation. Edition chose the most interesting tips that lifted the veil of secrecy over the real life of agents.

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1. Preventive measures in a car collision

While driving, keep your hands in line with the numbers "9" and "3" on the clock, and your thumb on the outside of the steering wheel. If your thumb and forefinger wrap around the steering wheel, the chance of breaking your fingers is incredibly high in a collision. If you keep your hands on the handlebars in a crossed position, then there is a risk of breaking not only the hand, but also the forearm.

If you are sitting in the back, before brushing, place the brushes on the back of the head, rest your forehead in the seat, and keep your knees bent at an angle of 90 °. In this position, the chance of injury is the least.

2. To avoid being attacked by a dog

As a means for scaring dogs you can use a mixture of water and ammonia. Ammonia is quite harmless and does not harm the animal in any way, but it will immediately scare it away.

The second way is to use a spray with compressed air. This is often sold for keyboard cleaning. A powerful stream of cold air in the nose disorients even the most evil dog.

The most effective way is to use pepper solution or another animal's urine. Pepper will simply scare the dog away, and the presence of urine is perceived as foreign territory, and the animal will not follow you.

3. Handy items of the special agent

Any operative has things that will help to survive in any situation, so they should always be with them.

For example, a cap helps to save teeth in a collision, a black phone is not noticeable during covert shooting, and a multitoole with a knife is generally an indispensable thing in any business.

4. Protective reception from a chokehold

Chokehold is one of the frequently used techniques. It affects the carotid artery, blocks the oxygen and allows you to disable the enemy in 3 – 5 seconds. But you can escape from it.

The first thing to do is to draw in your neck and stick your hand into the attacker's grab area. This is done to prevent suffocation.

Then arch, grab the enemy by the shoulder of the sleeve as low as possible and with a sharp movement bend forward, pulling the shoulder down. As a result, you throw the enemy over yourself and stun him.

5. Dealing with reverse flow

If you watched spy fighters, you may have noticed that agents often land in seawater from an airplane or a helicopter. But in real life, the most dangerous thing in this situation is not a jump from a great height, but a reverse flow that will not allow one to approach the shore.

Reverse or breakaway current is a sharp flow of water that can appear anywhere in 10 – 15 meters from the shore.

If you are hit by a rip current, then move not straight, but parallel to the bank or diagonally. Such currents are not wide, you can swim through them - and thereby save your life.

6. The best ways to bar a door

  • One of the most reliable ways to barricade a door in such a way that it will be difficult to even knock it out is wooden or rubber wedges that are driven in from three sides of the door.
  • A stick from a mop or a chair placed under the handle holds the door well. But at the same time, it is necessary to drive a rubber or wooden stop into the floor so that the stick does not slip.
  • You can move heavy objects to the door, and then the attacker will not only have to open the door, but also get through the blockage.

7. Where to hide if they shoot at you

In Hollywood movies, shootout is common. However, in real life operative shooting occurs at least.

Finding safe cover is important to protect yourself. If you are in the house, a solid granite table will better protect you from bullets than a sofa or chair. On the street, the safest place is behind flower pots, and if you are hiding behind a car, then take cover behind the front of it.

Objects such as books and folders are also good for stopping bullets and can save an agent’s life if used as a bulletproof vest.

8. What position to take if you are tied

Every operative knows that if you are well tied, then it is almost impossible to free yourself. So you have to think ahead and use tricks.

If your hands are tied, hold the bases of your thumbs together, while leaving the gap a few centimeters below. So it will be possible later to easily release your hands.

If tied to a chair, then take a deep breath, flex the lower back, and spread your legs a little wider. This, too, creates additional space and is later easily free.

There is another trick often used by US captives. If you are tied with a rope, hold it with your hand or foot.

9. Top Caches

There are many places for hiding places where you can hide money, listening devices or information. For a special agent, it is important to know them all.

The best places are hollow tubes from curtains, upholstery, sockets and large appliances (TV and fridge).

10. How agents do not leave fingerprints

The agent must be secretive and elusive. And being elusive means leaving no prints. There are several ways to do this, which are often used.

Classic - it is white cotton gloves that will not leave marks, and if left, you will immediately notice it.

You can use glue or varnish, which will not allow fingers to imprint on the surface.

Pumice stone is also suitable, which is used in cosmetology for cleaning the feet, it will erase the prints for a few days.

11. We free ourselves in the case of tied hands and feet

To free your legs, stand straight with your feet in the "V" position. Then jump up and during landing with a sharp, strong movement, spread your knees to the sides. The tie or tape on your knees will break instantly.

To free your hands tied at the back, you need to move them forward. Now stretch your arms forward as close as possible, pressing them together (this creates the necessary pressure) and with a sharp movement, throw your hands down and to the sides.

12. We break through the outpost of cars

You've probably seen more than once how the main character of the action movie rams the outpost of cars at full speed and calmly drives on. In real life, in order to drive through such a wall, you need to find a weak point in it.

Find the biggest clearance between cars. Now look, which of the cars is at a great angle from you. The front or back of this car will be the weak point and best point of impact.

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