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Cry and smile: American tips for good behavior in the USA

An American student studying for an exchange program in Kazakhstan, told with humor about the nuances of American culture and how a foreigner should behave in the United States.

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Next - from the first person.

Like all Americans, I am a patriot. I love my homeland and I want all people to ever be in America. But since we have a special country, we have a special culture. And some nuances are sometimes incomprehensible even to me, an American. Therefore, I decided to write a kind of guide to introduce foreigners to the homeland of burgers.

About the love of country

There is no more American style in music than country. I can’t pinpoint whether this is good or bad, but country is called the “sounds of America.” Why bad? Yes, because the meaning of 90% of country songs translates as "girl, girl, I have a pickup"! I do not exclude that when I try to translate this into Russian, the meaning is lost and does not sound so beautiful. But I'm not sure that the beauty of meaning has ever taken place in English.

But in any case, there are a lot of country fans in America. And they really do not like it when someone does not understand the beauty of this style. Therefore, if someone asks if you like this song, immediately feel sorry for it and wipe away a tear, say: “This song reminded me of my pickup truck, which remained at home ...”

About national american cuisine

I am often asked what kind of real American national cuisine it is. Frankly, the best American dishes are Mexican.

The beauty of American culture is that it has elements of a wide variety of cultures, as well as the presence of Mexican cuisine. Mom’s grandfather said that he had left Ireland because he was tired of potatoes, and he dreamed of delicious food.

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It doesn't matter why you came to America, but be sure to try tacos, burritos and fajita. And if you want to feel like a true American, eat it all at the same time.

Do not offend the Americans

If your face does not hurt after a trip to America, most likely you offended very many. Because he smiled too little. We always smile. We walk on the street - we smile. We buy coffee at McDonald's - we smile. We fire the person from work - we smile. Both of them.

We even have a proverb: "Without a smile, an American is as naked."

In Kazakhstan, people often think that I am mentally unwell - because I often smile. Although I am doing it already 50% less than before. Now in America I am considered a gloomy person. Therefore, advice: smile always, smile everywhere, smile everyone.

About sport

When you are called to football in America, you have to be prepared for the fact that this is not the football you were thinking about. This is always American football. I don’t know why in America literally everyone is ill with them. I’ll try to describe how it looks.

Before the match, military aircraft roar over the stadium. On the field, huge men rush towards each other and collide their foreheads. Someone is taken away from the field on a stretcher, half-naked women are dancing on the brow, and in the stands the fans non-stop drinking alcohol.

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However, they drink a lot and when they watch the match at home, on TV, where every five minutes there is a long advertisement. By the way, the name of one of the most popular teams is a harsh insult to the American Indians. In general, there is hardly any more American sport than American football.

About bad memory and state symbols

I think there was a time when the Americans forgot what country they live in. And to solve the problem of poor memory, American flags were placed everywhere: in front of buildings, inside buildings, on T-shirts and underwear.

The main goal of the Apollo moon mission? - Put a flag in a new location.

It may seem strange to you the abundance of American flags, but then you certainly will not forget where you are.

About weapons

An important place in American culture is ... weapons. In fact, there is much more of him in America than there are people. It is possible that you will also see a man on the street with a pistol or a machine gun in his hands. And, most likely, he does not violate any law. Also, a person with a gun may ask if you like country music. Well, you already know what you need to answer ... Like, country reminds me of my pickup ... and the machine that remained in my homeland.

And if you are very lucky, the interlocutor will invite you to shoot him from this very machine gun. This is the most fun and purely American form of relaxation.

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