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9 tips on how to get an interview for a US visa

Visas Photos: Depositphotos

Photo: Depositphoto

An interview at the US Consulate is one of the last stages before getting a visa. To pass it successfully, you must fulfill all possible conditions and listen to a number of tips.

  1. The host country in the US must send clear and readable documents. The best option is computer printouts.
  2. There should be no discrepancies in the information provided by the visitor and the receiving party.
  3. It is better to send visa documentation as close as possible to the desired date, but not to delay too long after receiving from the receiving party. Month or 45 days will not cause problems, but no more.
  4. Consular staff should receive clear and reliable answers to all questions. If the question is not clear - it is better to ask again politely.
  5. If English is a problem, then you can request an interview in the local language.
  6. The consulate may request tickets and insurance. Better to say that everything will be done after receiving the visa.
  7. You should carefully answer the questions in the visa form. In case of an error, you should ask for a new form, and not make corrections to the old one.
  8. The person requesting a visa must know all the procedures and the necessary list of documents.
  9. After receiving a visa, carefully check whether it contains all the information.


Also note: the expiration date of your stay in the US is the date on the I-94 form that will be attached to your passport, not the date on the visa. These are usually the same dates, but sometimes they may differ.

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