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Compiled a list of 49 of the best urban areas in the world, two of them in post-world countries

Edition Time-out left a list of 49 coolest urban areas, including one of the quarters of Kiev (Ukraine) and Tbilisi (Georgia).

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When a pandemic broke out last year, humanity entered a new era. And the everyday life of the townspeople, accustomed to the social aspect of urban life, has changed along with this.

But now many of us have somehow gotten rid of these shackles. Boundary restrictions are loosened. Bars, restaurants and even clubs are reopening. And while the pandemic is still ongoing, we are all trying to find something like a normal way of life.

So what exactly? To find out, you need to look at what is happening around you, on the street, in the park, in the backyard.

During 2020 and 2021, our cities flourished. Despite the incredible difficulties, the communities got together, hung out, and did different things. They displayed the same energy, resilience, and grassroots resourcefulness that enabled them to grow in the first place. They survived.

And now we come to our annual ranking of the coolest areas in the world. This year we could not help but change our priorities.

Food, drinks, nightlife, culture are all important. Community spirit and resilience are equally important, especially if we want to emerge from this pandemic with things we can be proud of and tell the rest of the world about. These criteria are the most important now.

As we have done for the past three years, we have passed on the results of our annual Time Out Index survey (27 citizens surveyed this year) to our local editors and authors.

They then tested the public vote on these critical criteria - cool, but also kind and forward-looking - and made their final choice. Then our panel of experts evaluated the lot.

The result is a love letter to the city in its most joyful and amazing manifestation. Read on to find out if your area makes it to the rankings.

1. Norrebro, Copenhagen

2. Andersonville, Chicago

3. Jongno 3-ga, Seoul

Photo: Shutterstock

4. Leith, Edinburgh

5. Railway station area, Vilnius

6. Chelsea, New York

7.XI district, Budapest

8. Ngor, Dakar

9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Photo: Shutterstock

10. Richmond, Melbourne

11. Neukölln, Berlin

12. Center, Medellin

13. Dalston, London

Photo: Shutterstock

14. Silver Lake, Los Angeles

15. Dublin 8, Dublin

16. Golden Gate, Kiev

Photo: Shutterstock

Where there was once a magnificent entrance to medieval Kiev, it is now a charming area exuding energy and creativity. Reitarskaya, Yaroslavov Val, Streletskaya and Gonchara streets in the very heart of Old Kiev are changing at a meteoric speed. The area around the Golden Gate is now overflowing with trendy bars, grand street art, cozy cafes, designer boutiques and nostalgic establishments. New discoveries, a strong sense of community with an emphasis on heritage preservation, and unconventional green spaces such as the Kiev Intelligentsia Square make the Golden Gate area an ideal place to explore Kiev: its culture and eccentricity.

Perfect day:

sample eggs benedict at local favorite ZigZag restaurant, then sip coffee at stylish Kashtan Coffee, next to a large cage with three old ravens that have captivated diners for over 15 years. Admire the intricate neo-Moorish Actor's House and experience the culture at The Naked Room, a contemporary art gallery. Finish off with a cocktail at Killer Whale, on the outskirts of the block.

Plan your trip:

to one of the massive parties on Reitarska Street with DJs, street food and flea markets (they usually take place in early summer and mid-autumn).

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17. Nord, Amsterdam

18. Villerais, Montreal

19. Surry Hills, Sydney.

20. Ancoats, Manchester

21.Sagene, Oslo

22. Old Xuhui, Shanghai

23. Center, Mexico City

24. Gràcia, Barcelona

Photo: Shutterstock

25.Saude, Rio de Janeiro

26. Kemp Town, Brighton

27. Sololaki, Tbilisi

Photo: Shutterstock

Connected by a tangle of streets near Freedom Square, Sololaki is the atmospheric heart of the Georgian capital. Its sepia-toned past is brought to life by romantic vine-covered ezo (courtyards), shaded, rope-drying, dancing sheets, and warm, yeast-infused spiers of steam emanating from basement tones (traditional bakeries).

The Art Nouveau buildings of this district were once home to the best thinkers, writers and artists of Georgia in the nineteenth century, but now there are some of the coolest cafes, bars and restaurants in Tbilisi. All this is watched by Kartlis Deda, a monumental statue of a woman on the lush ridge of Sololaki, with a cup of wine for guests and a sword for enemies - call her the unofficial ancestor of Tbilisi.

Perfect day:

start with a sturdy cup kava at Linville, an elegant café decorated with floral wallpaper and variegated velvet furnishings. Spend the day heading to the Writers' House on Machabeli, an early twentieth-century mansion that once served as a collaborative space for Tbilisi writers. Are you hungry? Enjoy khinkali dumplings at Amo Rame, then spend an evening at Dadi Wine Bar to explore Tbilisi's flourishing wine list.

Plan your trip:

to the annual Tbilisoba festival in October, which is a celebration of Tbilisi's culinary and artistic achievements. It went online this year but will resume in 2022.

28 Brickell, Miami

29. Usburne, Newcastle

30. Barranco, Lima

31. Chambery, Madrid

32. Vinohrady, Prague

33. Katong, Singapore

34.Años, Lisbon

35. Daikanyama, Tokyo

36. Haut-Marais, Paris

37. Al-Batin, Abu Dhabi

Photo: Shutterstock

38. Foz, Porto

39. Central Square, Boston / Cambridge

40. Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

41. Jamestown, Accra

42. Center, Oaxaca

43. Moissine, Marrakech

44.Dubai Marina, Dubai

45. Kadikoy, Istanbul

46. ​​Población, Manila

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47. Ari, Bangkok

48. Koregaon Park, Pune

49. El Arryan, Santiago

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