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Rent a house cheaply and without collateral: in the USA there is a service for renting apartments and houses on very favorable terms

In less than six weeks, Lisa Russell moved into six different apartments in three different states. She is a member of the program for inexpensive and quick rental housing for digital nomads, reports USAToday.

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The day after Lisa moved into her first apartment in Phoenix in early January, she received an eviction notice from her property management company. She knew that in three days she would have to vacate the apartment, but she was not worried. She quickly found another place owned by the company.

But after she left the next apartment for the third time, she was not lucky. This time, she had to drive four hours to Las Vegas to find an apartment on the company's network.

Such is the world of participants standby, branch Landing. The program is based on a subscription to a nationwide fully furnished apartment rental network designed for digital nomads who have the ability to quickly pack up and move in.

Standby membership allows tenants to choose fully furnished one, two and three bedroom apartments in 350 cities for $1295 per month. No deposit, no rent, no utilities. Meanwhile, the median reported rent in December was $1712, or 32% higher, in the top 50 US metropolitan areas.

But there is a condition - you may have to move out of the apartment 72 hours after receiving the notice of eviction.

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“I think it's a great program, but it's not for everyone. You have to be nomadic, which means you're likely to be moving around a lot, says Russell. As for me, I love it. It's an adventure."

Russell, 54, who has a home in Montana and is a fundraiser for a nonprofit, says she travels a lot for work. She finds the rental price very reasonable.

“That's $1295 a month, but if you compare that to staying in hotels for 10 days a month, you're spending $3000 a month,” she said. “That's one flat fee, no matter how big the apartment is. You can stay in a luxury apartment with no commitment for six months or a year.”

The program was founded in 2019 by 37-year-old Bill Smith, who sold Shipt, an online grocery delivery marketplace, to Target in 2017 for $550 million. Landing was aimed at tenants who wanted to bypass the usual rent and high costs.

The idea came to him when he had to temporarily move to San Francisco from his home in Birmingham, Alabama for work. He didn't know how long he would be there, but he still needed to pay utilities and buy furniture.

“That was one of the things I really wanted to solve—make people's lives easier,” says Smith. “So if you live in Austin and are applying for a new job in Denver, you can just open the app, choose a different home in Denver, and move in whenever you want. You don't have to worry about your lease expiring next year or moving all your belongings."

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Landing's standard membership, with a presence in 375 US cities, differs from Standby offerings.

The standard package includes annual fees of $199, and apartment prices vary from city to city depending on market price, apartment size, and demand. According to Smith, apartments typically cost 25% more than market apartments.

For Standard Members, the rental is for a month, with a minimum stay of 30 days per apartment, and members can choose to move out or stay indefinitely.

Standby members sign a monthly lease that provides access to all apartment buildings in the Landing's nationwide network (except New York and California) and includes rent, utilities, and the Internet.

The reason for Standby's short eviction notice period is, of course, that standard Landing members get preference. Thus, if a standard member requests an apartment, the Standby tenant is notified.

Returning home to Madison, Wisconsin from Los Angeles during the pandemic, the 30-year-old marketing manager wanted to make the most of her newfound independence as a fully remote worker last year.

When she heard about Standby, she immediately liked it.

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“I love traveling and being a remote worker, I wanted to bring some adventure into my days and weekends. So I was looking at Airbnbs, hotels, subletting, but I kept getting stuck in the detailed planning phase,” she says. – Landing is so easy to use and so effective. You check in, choose your destination, arrive, and that's it."

In Madison, she paid $1500 for a one-bedroom apartment. Once she decided to try Landing, she says she didn't renew her lease. She took her belongings to storage and her parents' home and set off for Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 31st as her first adventure destination.

“I have never been to Fort Lauderdale before. It was great to escape the winter,” she says.

She has lived in Miami ever since and recently moved to Chicago in time for her father's birthday.

“I think it's a way of thinking and it all depends on how you look at it. It’s just an adventure for me,” she says. "When you get an eviction notice, it just means it's time to choose another city to explore a new location."

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