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Word of the week: 29 commonly used phrasal verb meanings come

The verb come is often used in numerous English phrasal verbs. The main meaning of the verb come - "to come", "to go", reminds We give phrasal verbs of English with come. Each phrasal verb has a translation, transcription, as well as sentences with examples of use.

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Come about

come about [kʌm əˈbaʊt] - appear, arise

Synonyms: appear, happen

  • How did mathematics come about? - How did the math come about?

Come across

come across [kʌm əˈkrɔs] - be clear, meet by chance, stumble

Synonyms: appear, seem

  • Did her report come across? - Her report was clear?
  • We came across this fact when we were digging the hole - We stumbled upon this fact when we were digging a hole.

Come after

come after [kʌm ˈɑːftə] - chase

Synonyms: pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow

  • I came across him from the school. - I chased him from school.

Come along

come along [kʌm əˈlɔŋ] - accompany smb., go with smb.

Synonyms: come, go along

  • She came along with us to the theater. - She went with us to the theater.

Come apart

come apart [kʌm əˈpɑːt] - break, fall apart, disintegrate

Synonyms: fall apart, split up, break, separate

  • The toy just came apart in my hands. - The toy fell apart in my hands.

Come around

come around [kʌm əˈraʊnd] - go around; go around, come in, call in, come in

Synonyms: come by

  • Why don't you come around and see us one evening? “Why don’t you come to us one evening?”

Come back

come back [kʌm bæk] - to return

Synonyms: return, rejoin, recover, go back, returnee

  • Is the player expected to come back? - Is a player expected to return?

Come between

come between [kʌm bɪˈtwiːn] - intervene

Synonyms: interfere, intervene, meddle

  • Never come between lovers. - Never interfere in the relationship of lovers.

Come by

come by [kʌm baɪ] - come in, look in, get out

Synonyms: come into, drop by, drop in

  • Why don't you come by some afternoon and have tea with us? “Maybe you will stop by for some tea after dinner?”
  • Don't you know where the best bread come by? “You don't know where to get the best bread?”

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Come down

come down [kʌm daʊn] - decrease, decrease, go down, go down

Synonyms: get down, descend, go down, fall, drop

  • The price came down. - The price has dropped.
  • Guys, come down. We have to go. - Guys, get down. We have to go.
  • The old tower came down from wind. - The old tower fell from the wind.

Come down on

come down on [kʌm daʊn ɔn] - criticize, condemn

Synonyms: criticize

  • Don't dare come down on her! “Don't you dare blame her!”

Come down with

come down with [kʌm daʊn wɪð] - get sick

Synonyms: fall ill

  • Many people came down with flu this spring. - Many people got the flu this spring.

Come for

come for [kʌm fɔː] - arrest, detain

Synonyms: arrest

  • If you break the law, the police will come for you - If you break the law, the police will arrest you.

Come forward

come forward [kʌm ˈfɔːwəd] - stand out, stand out, respond, respond (to the call), offer your candidacy

Synonyms: come forth

  • Many women came forward to help. - Many women offered their help.

Come from

come from [kʌm frɔm] - to occur, to be born

Synonyms: originate in

  • He comes from a family of Muslim people - He comes from a Muslim family.

Come in

come in [kʌm ɪn] - enter, participate, play a role, go into fashion

Synonyms: come, go in, get in, enter, include

  • Come in and do not make noise. - Come in and do not make noise.
  • Unfortunately, mini skirts are coming in. - Unfortunately, miniskirts are in fashion.

Come into

come into [kʌm ˈɪntʊ] - receive an inheritance, inherit

Synonyms: inherit

  • She came into a large sum of money when her uncle died. “When her uncle died, she inherited a large sum of money.”

Come of

come of [kʌm ɔv] - be the result, follow from something

Synonyms: result from

  • No good will come of it - Nothing good will come of it.

Come off

come off [kʌm ɔf] - leave, leave, come off, peel off

Synonyms: come off, tear off, tear, break away

  • The button has come off. - The button came off.
  • Do you see? The paper is coming off - do you see? The paper is peeling off.

Come on

come on [kʌm ɔn] - advance, approach, approach

Synonyms: go on, appear, come nearer

  • A storm is coming on. - A storm is coming.
  • It feels like spring is coming on - It feels like spring is coming.

Come Out

come out [kʌm aʊt] - to come (to remote places, to another country), to leave, to be in public, to go out

Synonyms: get out, emerge, appear, turn out, come forth, come, go out, leave

  • He often comes out - He often happens in public.
  • I saw them when they came out to Russia last year. - I saw them last year when they came to Russia.

Come over

come over [kʌm ˈəʊvə] - call in, go in, leave, move

Synonyms: come by, come across, visit, come

  • I came over to Ukraine in 2017. - I moved to Ukraine in 2017.
  • Why don't you come over to our place one evening? “Why don't you drop by one evening?”

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Come round

come round [kʌm raʊnd] - recover, come to your senses

Synonyms: recover

  • She couldn't came round after his death for a long time. “She could not recover for a long time after his death.”

Come through

come through [kʌm θruː] - penetrate, seep through; crawl, wake up, appear, transfer, survive

Synonyms: penetrate, permeate, manifest

  • Coming through! - Allow me to pass !; Get out!
  • They came through the loss. - They survived the loss.
  • The sun came through after hours of snow. - After long snow hours, the sun came out.

Come Together

come together [kʌm təˈgeðə] - unite, make peace, come to an agreement

Synonyms: unite, join, combine, merge

  • We must come together if we want to win - We must unite if we want to win.

Come under

come under [kʌm ˈʌndə] - to be exposed

Synonyms: undergo, be subject to

  • All our ideas come under criticism of our partners. - All our ideas are criticized by our partners.

Come up

come up [kʌm ʌp] - rise, rise; increase, increase, approach, approach

Synonyms: come on, come, rise up, muster, find, rise, scratch, arise

  • The temperature of our room should not come up - The temperature of our room should not rise.
  • A child came up to me and asked for his ball. - Some child came up to me and asked for his ball.

Come up against

come up against [kʌm ʌp əˈgenst] - collide, confront

Synonyms: confront, resist

  • We came up against total indifference - We are faced with complete indifference.

Come up with

come up with [kʌm ʌp wɪð] - "come up with"

Synonyms: invent

  • Don't worry, we'll come up with something - Don’t worry, we’ll come up with something.

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