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The first wife of Vysotsky died, to which he traveled to Kiev. A PHOTO

The first wife of Vladimir Vysotsky, People’s Artist of Russia Iza Vysotskaya died on Friday morning in Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk region) in the 82 year of life. About it TASS said Olga Anisimova, director of the Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater named after D. Mamin-Sibiryak, where Vysotskaya worked.

The director of the theater noted that the farewell to the People's Artist of Russia will take place in Nizhny Tagil on July 22. “There will be no farewell in the theater, because when she was alive, she asked to be remembered as a living actress in the theater. Farewell will be in the hall of the ritual service "Requiem". She will be buried in the cemetery on the "Walk of Fame", - Anisimova specified.

The management of the theater plans to install a memorial plaque for Iza Vysotskaya, and at the beginning of the theatrical season to devote one of the performances to it.

Iza Vysotskaya was born on January 22, 1937 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). Graduated from the V. Nemirovich-Danchenko School-Studio at the Moscow Art Theater of the USSR. She worked at the Kiev Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka, in Rostov, Perm, Vladimir. Since 1970, she has been an artist of the Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater, in 2002-2012 - a teacher of stage speech at the acting department of the Nizhny Tagil College of Arts.

“Iza Vysotskaya was a well-deserved, professional actress. The work of people of this level, in general, is perceived by the viewer, citizens, in a completely different way. It is such people who bring culture to the masses, it was a symbolic figure in the culture of Nizhny Tagil and the Sverdlovsk region, a precious stone, ”Nosov told the correspondent TASS.

In the book “With you ... without you”, published in 2017 with a circulation of 1000 copies, Iza Vysotskaya recalled how she met Vladimir Vysotsky in the spring of 1957 at a holiday after the show “Hotel Astoria” was put on.

“I was the first woman to recognize his talent”

Iza Zhukova and Vladimir Vysotsky met while studying at the studio school of the Moscow Art Theater. Together they rehearsed the play "Hotel Astoria".

“How did I first see Volodya? A joyful, open-minded, active junior student: he entered the Moscow Art Theater School two years later than me, he was 18 years old, I was 19. He was ready to say hello to everyone, to help everyone. He did not walk, but jumped up, smiling happily. Fellow students called him Little Johnny, and sometimes Vasek. A funny boy in love with all girls at once. And when we needed a student for the wordless role of a soldier for the graduation performance “Hotel Astoria”, we decided in unison to call Vovochka Vysotsky! At a holiday after the performance of this performance, I first drew attention to it. My classmates and I drove home early in the morning, waiting on the street for a taxi. Volodya, who had been there all evening, suddenly took my hand ... Everyone left, and we were left alone, "Iza recalled.

Since 1957, the couple began to live together, but they could not register the marriage - Ida was married and could not quickly get a divorce.

“Gradually this funny boy became dear to me, very necessary, necessary! But I was not free then - I jumped out to get married after the first year, when I returned to my native Gorky for a vacation ... Volodya courted ingenuously, touching - he would give a candy, then a tangerine, then a flower. Sometimes, when we returned late from class, he disappeared into the entrance of his house and went out with a tray, and on it - pancakes. He held them out to me and assured me that he himself was full. Once I got sick, and Volodya managed to find time to visit me several times a day. He always brought some goodies. Gradually, I began to notice that I was waiting for him. And once, when we sat up late, I told him: “Volodya, you are ... beautiful!”. In my opinion, this was the most necessary, the most sincere phrase in our entire life together. You should have seen his face when he heard it! I was the first woman to recognize his talent, ”said the artist.

The young girl did not at all see in Volodya the future popularly famous bard, and his songs irritated her terribly, writes “KP".

“Not only did I not attach any importance to these songs, they were some kind of torment for me. Wherever we went, songs began. Moreover, people heard them for the first time, and I heard them for the 101st time. Sometimes she even raised a riot. Volodya had already started acting at that time, we often had to leave ... And I was angry: you can't do any songs! You only have to deal with your wife! In those years it seemed to me so, ”Ida recalled.

“I had several chances to give birth to a son or daughter to Volodya”

In June, 1958, Zhukova graduated from the Moscow Art Theater, receiving a diploma with honors. By distribution, she was sent to Kiev to the Theater named after Lesia Ukrainka. Almost every Saturday, Vysotsky came to Iza, and on Monday he returned to Moscow.

“Volodya and I were quiet, silent. When we said goodbye at the station, we kissed all the time, and I cried bitterly ... A time of endless expectations began. We wrote to each other almost every day. And for the sake of a short date, he and I were ready to spend the night on the train or rush the plane when we had a couple of days off. To earn money for these trips, I took part in scoring films, Volodya also acted as extras at night, and he could go to unload the cars, ”Iza Zhukova recalled.

On one of these dates, Isa became pregnant. After consulting with Vysotsky, she had an abortion.

25 April 1960, Isa and Vysotsky got married. He was 20 years old, and she was 21. The wedding was celebrated at the Bolshoi Karetny lane in Moscow with fellow students. Already married to Vysotsky, Ida became pregnant for the second time, but there was a miscarriage. As the artist herself recalled, Vysotsky’s mother did not want to become a grandmother early and was upset about the news of pregnancy.

“I confess, at that moment I hated Nina Maksimovna (Vysotsky's mother - Author), blamed her for everything and did not understand why he was so helpless with her. I still loved him, but everything piled up at once: no work in Moscow, no child, ”Ida said.

In 1965, Isa became pregnant for the third time. In her memoirs, the actress recalled that the girl lived for several days and died.

From Vysotsky Ize remained only last name and a few lines

After a miscarriage, Isa left for Rostov, where she was invited to the local theater. Vysotsky at the time also played in the theater and starred in movies, but in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The couple began to rarely see each other. Being away from her husband, Isa learned that another woman was expecting a child from him.

“Volodya was going to come - he had already been assigned to one of our plays. Suddenly - a call. A former classmate told me: "Abramova is expecting a child from Volodya!" Lyusya Abramova - at that time this name was completely unfamiliar to me, who is she, how did she appear in Volodya's life? ”, Iza wondered.

Vysotsky met a student of VGIK Lyudmila Abramova in 1961, while in Leningrad on the set of the film "713th asks for landing." At first, Volodya denied the novel, but Iza did not believe him.

- He made excuses, explained something, but I felt he was lying. To his offer to fly to Rostov, I replied: “As you arrive, you will fly away!”. It was the end. Volodya stopped calling. Then there were requests to leave the apartment, to send documents for divorce. Pretending that it was easy and even fun for me, I agreed to everything. No one knew how bad I was then! - said the first wife of Vysotsky.

They divorced in 1965 year. From Vysotsky Ize was only the name and a few lines dedicated to her:

“What to say about our meeting,
I was waiting for her, as they are waiting for natural disasters!
But you and I immediately began to live,
Without fear of harmful consequences ”.

After a divorce from Vysotsky, in the same year, Isa gave birth to a son Gleb, whom she gave the name of her ex-husband. Who is the father of the child, Isa never told, but claimed that it was not Vysotsky.

Recall that Vladimir Vysotsky more than once visited the United States with his wife Marina Vlady. He first came to America in 1976.

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