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Scandalous memoirs: the former head of the Pentagon said that Trump wanted to shoot demonstrators in the streets

Former US Department of Defense chief Mark Esper, in his memoir, says that Trump offered to shoot demonstrators around the White House, reports Axios.

Mark Esper, in a May 10 memoir titled A Sacred Oath, claims that Trump said as demonstrators filled the streets around the White House following the death of George Floyd, "Can't you just shoot them? Just shoot them in the legs or something?”.

The Sacred Vow contains poignant first-person revelations from a senior cabinet member that corroborate outsiders' stories of extreme dysfunction in the Trump White House.

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Esper was fired by Trump after the 2020 election.

“That moment in the first week of June 2020 was surreal. I sat in front of the president's desk in the Oval Office as the idea hung heavily in the air, and the red-faced president loudly complained about the protests taking place. in Washington, D.C.,” Esper writes.

“The good news is it wasn't a difficult decision,” Esper continues. “The bad news is I had to figure out a way to dissuade Trump without making the mess I was trying to avoid.”

The book has been vetted by the highest levels of the Pentagon. As part of the review process, the book was reviewed in whole or in part by nearly three dozen generals, high-ranking civilians, and some cabinet members.

Some of them had witnessed what Esper had witnessed.

During a security review of the book, Esper sued the Pentagon over a classification dispute. The Pentagon banned part of the book from publication, reports PoliticsToday. Esper considers his literary creation to be a complete and truthful account of the history of the people of the United States. The book should be published in the spring of 2021. However, according to Esper, the current authorities have banned the publication of a rather important part of the memoirs due to the secrecy of the information they contain.

According to Esper, the current US government infringes on his rights to freedom of speech, guaranteed by the country's constitution.

Esper said he was asked to remove quotes from Trump and others in the meetings, "as well as views on the actions of other countries, on the conversations I had with foreign officials, and on international events that were widely reported."

The ex-minister called the decision to sue the Pentagon the only way to tell his story to the Americans.

Disagreeing with the allegation of classified data in his book, Esper filed a lawsuit in federal court for the Metropolitan District of Columbia.

«Under the pretext of secrecy, the Pentagon removes a significant piece of text from the publication, despite the fact that it is necessary to tell important stories that I touch on in my memoirs.," the lawsuit says.

Esper angered Trump by publicly stating in June 2020 that he opposed the use of the Insurrection Act — an 1807 law that allows the president to use a field army on U.S. soil — to quell protests against racial injustice.

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Michael Bender - then in The Wall Street Journal, now in the NY Times - reported last year in his book "Honestly, We Really Won This Election" that Trump has repeatedly urged law enforcement to shoot protesters during heated discussions in the Oval Office.

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