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Shock: It has become known that Amazon is doing with millions of unsold goods. VIDEO

According to investigative journalism, Amazon destroys millions of completely new products, including televisions, toys, books and diapers, which it cannot sell. Some items cost hundreds of dollars.

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Tons of products, some of which are still in the package, are taken to huge dumps or burned, writes The Daily Mail. The shocking waste was discovered by reporters from the French Capital newspaper, who were secretly filmed at one of the company's giant warehouses worth several billion dollars.

Reporters posing as Amazon employees found what they called a “destruction zone,” where employees were secretly filmed sending pristine high-value toys, unused kitchen equipment and flat-screen TVs to a truck that was supposed to take it to a landfill.

Video without translation, but also the visual range is impressive:

Later, cameras mounted on the drone chased the truck from the Amazon warehouse to the dumping ground.

The French investigation focused on Amazon's operations in the country, but it is believed that the practice is not limited to France. When reporters asked the company a series of detailed questions, including about the destruction of goods, Amazon representatives repeatedly refused to answer directly. One of the representatives said that “we donate unsold products to the charities we work with” (it was about the British Amazon).

In a documentary video filmed by a team of journalists, executives tell how the retail giant charges pounds sterling (22 dollars) from a 28,50 company per square meter of storage space for their products. But this cost rises to 430 pounds (557 dollars) for the same place after six months and to 860 pounds per year (1114 dollars).

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In one case, a businessman who participated in the program said Amazon was charging his company £ 17 ($ 22) for goods, but only 13p (17 US cents) for destruction. Suppliers say that when their products aren't on sale, they have no choice but to pay Amazon to destroy them, as they cannot afford to return them or continue to store them.

British officials called Amazon's practice "shameful" and the sight "shocking and heartbreaking." Labor Department spokeswoman Mary Krieg said: "While millions of people are trying to make ends meet and afford at least basic necessities, it is a scandal that unused food is simply destroyed when it can be passed on to people in need."

“Moreover, this policy has catastrophic consequences for the environment. In a recent inquiry from the Audit Committee, Amazon was one of the most successful retailers. It is shocking that this destructive practice is now widespread in the company, ”added Krieg.

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In a television documentary shown on the French channel M6, investigators received official Amazon data, which showed that more than three million brand new products were destroyed in France last year.

The retail giant boasts over three hundred so-called “fulfillment centers” around the world - each the size of ten football fields.

Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth, said: “Amazon has already been criticized for its wasteful use of packaging and the pollution of the environment from shipments. Now the company is destroying completely new products. This further worsens the environment, in addition, the production of electronics requires a huge amount of water and other resources. And their disposal has a harmful effect on the climate ”.

Bennett called it "wasteful behavior and reckless disregard for the planet."

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