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Schoolchildren and their families can visit US national parks for free: how to do it

Every year starting September 1, all fourth grade students in American schools are eligible for free admission to national parks across the country as part of the project Every Kid Outdoors.

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Fourth grade students can receive a free annual pass to visit more than 2000 federal recreation areas with their families, classmates, and friends. The Every Kid Outdoors Program is a cross-sectoral collaboration between Department of the Interior, The US Army Corps of Engineers, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Forest Service, which provides kids with free access to explore, study and play in exciting environments including national parks, nature reserves, marine reserves and forests.

"Introducing fourth grade students to America's public territories provides them with endless opportunities to have fun, be active, improve their fitness and learn important skills," said US Department of the Interior Chief David Bernhardt. "Trips or family vacations in the rich variety, amazing landscapes and historic slopes will bring an unforgettable experience and, I hope, will connect with nature for a lifetime."

A fourth grade student can get a free pass on the website Every Kid Outdoors... The voucher is valid for multiple use from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, which corresponds to the traditional school year. It can be exchanged for a pass in the participating federal states.

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A voucher or pass entitles fourth graders, all children under 16 in a group, and up to three accompanying adults to most federal lands and bodies of water free of charge. The pass does not apply to additional services such as hiking or boat trips.

The program is aimed at children aged 10 years (most fourth-graders) and was created on the basis of research that shows that children aged 9-11 are at a unique stage of development when they begin to understand how the world works and become more receptive to interacting with nature and environment.

Focusing on this age group from year to year, the program aims to ensure that every child in the United States has the opportunity to visit federal lands and waters by the time they turn 11, thereby establishing a lifelong bond to enjoy being with nature; and protecting American cultural heritage.

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