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Sixteen Best US Cities for Fall Vacation

16 Best US Cities Are Beautiful to Visit in the Fall insider.

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Autumn is a great time to travel if you like golden foliage and small crowds.

The US has some great fall travel destinations, including Tarrytown, New York, and Road County, Wisconsin.

For fall events, head to Orlando, Florida or Salem, Massachusetts.
Tarrytown, New York is the perfect place for a Halloween adventure.

Just an hour from New York City, Tarrytown is a great city getaway.

It is beautiful all year round, but especially in autumn, when the foliage begins to change color. Enjoy fun activities, tranquil foliage hikes and beautiful views of the Hudson Valley.

Tarrytown is located near Sleepy Hollow, the setting of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, making it the perfect town to visit around Halloween.

There are haunted houses, graveyard tours, and the famous Great Jack-o-lantern Blaze event with hundreds of carved pumpkins.

Almost perfect weather in San Francisco in the fall

San Francisco is always beautiful and has a lot to see and do all year round, but in terms of weather, autumn is the best time to visit.

The temperature is higher than in a rainy winter, and it is sunnier outside, without the morning fog that usually occurs in summer.

The Kentucky Triangle Is Full of Fall Events

In the fall, you might not consider heading south, but the Kentucky Triangle is made up of three popular cities - Bowling Green, Owensboro, and Paducah - which host various fall events.

Bowling Green has the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful weather to enjoy the fall festivals and explore the Mammoth Cave National Park.

Owensboro has plenty of bourbon and barbecues, as well as a great farmers' market.

Paducah is a UNESCO creative city that is full of history and art. It has a fun pumpkin market that is worth a visit.

The green mountains of Vermont look like a fall postcard

Photo: Shutterstock

If you really want to get serious about fall foliage, then one of the best parts of the US to visit is New England.

In Vermont's Green Mountains, you can make a trip to see orange and red maples and enjoy warm days with cool nights.

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The nearby towns of Stowe and Jeffersonville have a pretty village, a Cold Hollow cider mill, a corn maze, and even a Maple Outlet where you can learn how to make maple syrup.

In addition, it is worth a ride to see the highest peak of the state at Mount Mansfield.

Head to Salt Lake City for Oktoberfest

In Salt Lake City, Utah, autumn means two things: gorgeous foliage and less crowds.

Fall is not the most popular time of year for tourism in Salt Lake City, but prices can be lower here, and you will probably meet fewer people at popular spots. However, the city is still beautiful.

In September, you can visit the Utah State Fair with a rodeo.

If you want to go skiing, then usually there is an opportunity at the end of October.

Visit the Finger Lakes for breathtaking views of nature

Photo: Shutterstock

Another great place to visit in New York in the fall is the Finger Lakes region, known for its foliage. There are so many things to do here! Don't miss out on hot air ballooning, hiking, wine tasting visits to vineyards, relaxing spas, and Hiking Yoga.

Every fall from 2015 to 2019, the city of Ithaca turned into Diagon Alley for a Harry Potter-themed festival, but it has been on hiatus since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to do something spooky for Halloween, visit New York's Haunted History Trail or walk among the ghosts.

The area has a variety of places for fall snacks, including the annual Apple Tasting Tour, the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail, or the Sweet Treats Trail.

Enjoy Nature in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

In early October, the Great Smoky Mountains turns into a fall foliage wonderland.

You can use the fine weather as an excuse to hike, such as the approximately 18 km trail around Cades Bay, which includes waterfalls and stunning views.

If hiking isn't your thing, the Ober-Gatlinburg Cable Car allows you to see the foliage from above or take in some scenic views while driving along the Gatlinburg Bypass.

Visit Salem, Massachusetts if you love all things spooky

Salem, Massachusetts, comes alive in the fall. There may be a bit more people here than some of the other destinations on the list.

The city is home to the historic Salem Witch Trials that took place as far back as the 1600s, and as such is full of creepy history.

There are haunted tours, graveyard tours, and haunted sightseeing tours, all right on the water, so you're sure to see great views.

Take a look at Taos, New Mexico, admire the beautiful colors and mountain air

Taos is beautiful in autumn.

You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of autumn nature by taking a car tour along the scenic Enchanted Circle Road to explore the forests and mountains.

Along the way, it's worth stopping off at Red River for a few fall festivals, such as the annual Oktoberfest, where you can sample authentic German food and beer along with new Mexican wines in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Head to Door County, Wisconsin for beautifully changing foliage

Photo: Shutterstock

Door County is considered one of the best places for fall foliage views in the Midwest.

You can drive on Highway 57 or 42 to see it all with lighthouses and European-style buildings along the way.

The peninsula has pretty towns and orchards where you can stop to experience historical events, local art and delicious food.

The best time to visit is early October, when all the leaves are changing in color, but before it gets too cold.

Have fun with the whole family in Orlando, Florida

If cool autumn weather isn't for you, but you still want to experience all the fun of autumn, then feel free to head to Orlando.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures than the humid summer heat, and Disney World and Universal Studios offer fun for the whole family.

Universal Studios throws Halloween Horror Nights full of spooky haunted houses that will cheer you up for Halloween, while Disney offers a family Halloween party in the Magic Kingdom.

Both theme parks have changed the rules for their fall events amid the coronavirus pandemic, but they still offer an eerie vibe.

Go Hiking in Asheville, North Carolina

Another southern destination worth visiting is Asheville.

The city is a great place to fall because the season here is very long and offers a varied color palette of foliage.

In addition, you can ride a cable car, go hiking, fly in a hot air balloon or stay in a cozy cabin in the forest to just relax and enjoy the views.

Stroll through the beautiful historic city of Boston, Massachusetts

There are many outdoor sightseeing opportunities in Boston.

If you're more of a city traveler, it's hard to pick a better city than Boston during the fall months. Like the rest of New England, the city features beautiful fall foliage.

Boston is already picturesque and charming, but with the colors of autumn it is even more beautiful than usual. The weather is perfect - not too hot and not too cold, plus there is plenty to see and do.

Go shopping, enjoy a delicious meal, or go on a historic city tour.

Head to Port Townsend, Washington for outdoor activities

This is a great place for tourists!

Be sure to visit the Olympic National Park, which offers plenty of opportunities to hike or tour the public trails. You can bike the Larry Scott track to Port Angeles.

Many orchards in the area allow apple picking and cider tasting.

Explore Columbia River Gorge (OR)

Photo: Shutterstock

There are many colorful views and waterfalls throughout the scenic area.

The Columbia River Gorge offers visitors stunning views of the Cascade Mountains with their colorful and vibrant foliage during the fall months.

You can tour scenic spots, go hiking, or even go down the water in a kayak, canoe or boat.

Head to Portland, Maine for delicious food and stunning foliage

Maine is a great place to visit in the fall.

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Winter in Maine is quite cold, but if you go in September or early October, the weather will be great.

In the Portland area, you can take in the great view of the foliage by hiking Mount Bradbury, and then head to the charming city for fresh lobsters.

In addition, you can take part in the Harvest in the Harbor event to try all the products of this region.

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