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Six ways to make money by standing in traffic

Holidays in the United States are usually accompanied not only by gifts and family feasts, but also traffic jams, as many go to visit their relative in another state or city, creating a stir on the roads of the country.

On average, on Thanksgiving Day, about 50 of millions of Americans drive at least 50 miles to get to the venue, and most often get stuck in traffic.

While you are burning fuel and losing time, there are 6 easy ways to earn extra money by standing in traffic, writes The Penny Hoarder.

1. Listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great thing, you can get additional information without interrupting other activities, including driving.

But listening to them can also earn money.

Site Swagbucks Offers rewards for shopping online, watching videos, and listening to audio books.

Once you sign up on the site, find the Audible tab, there are online audiobooks there. A monthly subscription costs $ 1, but if you continue a subscription for more than 2 a month, you earn $ 17. The award can be obtained in the form of real money or gift cards.

2. Share information

Company MobileXpression is researching online trends, and now she is looking for several thousand Android users to help her with research.

Before you get behind the wheel, register onlineThis will require you to answer a few general demographic questions.

After that, you will download a program that will examine the work of your phone, and the company promises that this application will not slow down the work of the device.

The program will not track your calls or messages, it is designed to analyze what you are looking for on the Internet, the links that you follow, as well as the time it takes your phone to perform these tasks.

After a week of cooperation, you will be offered to play a game in which you are guaranteed to receive an award for participating in the program (these may be gift cards, certificates, etc.)

3. Invest money

application Clink gives you the opportunity to invest in small companies' shares in different companies (from $ 1 per day) so that you are not afraid to make a mistake.

Moreover, after downloading the application using the promo code PH2016, you will receive a $ 5 reward.

The application has many tips and additional information that makes the investment process easy for beginners.

4. Ignore ads

Android app Slidejoy will pay you $ 6 per month for the fact that every time before unlocking the screen of your smartphone you will see advertisements, articles, offers.

You don’t have to react to it, if the offer is not interesting to you, scroll the screen to the right and continue doing what you planned. If interested, scroll to the left. Ads only appear on the locked screen.

5. Get paid for online shopping

application Paribus will analyze your email archives for online purchases and determine in which store the prices for the items you purchased have already decreased, after which you will receive the price difference as a return.

After you register, you don't have to do anything else - the money will come automatically.

6. Earn by buying gasoline or food at gas stations

A lot of credit cards in the US offer double or even triple bonus points for every dollar spent at a gas station. So just get such a card, which, moreover, offers points for regular purchases. Then they can be transformed into money.

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