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Six Amazon Prime Privileges You Could Not Know

Amazon is one of the largest retail chains in the world with a market value of around $ 250 billion. The reason for this success is simple - people love Amazon.

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Many have signed up for Amazon's 119 dollar Prime package in order to get free delivery of purchased goods, but it is not the only privilege of this package.

Edition USA Today chose the six most interesting benefits that Prime-subscribers of this network get.

Receive purchases on the day of purchase

Amazon’s Prime package provides free shipping for two days, but in some cities and for some products you can order delivery on the day of purchase, and this is also free. There is a map on Amazon that shows which cities have this service, and to check if it is available in your area, simply enter your zip code.

Share privileges

The advantages of the Prime package from Amazon are available not only for their owner, they can be shared with two older friends or relatives. To do this, in the account settings, go to the Households and Family Library tab and select the item Invite an Adult.

Watch movies online

If you are a fan of popular TV series or TV shows, then in addition to well-known services such as Netflix, Amazon also has an interesting and rather extensive collection of telenovelties located in the Prime Video section. Please note that this is not a warehouse for old shows, here you can find new releases of programs and films that are at their peak of popularity at the moment.

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Listen to music

In addition to movies and TV shows, Amazon Prime users have access to more than a million songs that you can listen to online for free. In addition, the music here is divided by genres and periods, which will allow you to easily find the song that suits your mood and taste.

Order the delivery of products and household goods

This is truly a fantastic privilege from Amazon. Of course, it is not completely free, but for only 5,99 dollars per box you can order delivery of boxes of products weighing up to 45 pounds (20 kg) to your home.

To get started, purchase products and household goods in the section Amazon Pantry. After that, you can order delivery. In addition, you can also subscribe to Amazon Family - this is, in fact, also Amazon Prime, which also allows you to receive additional discounts on goods for children.

Get free books

Now it’s hard to believe that Amazon started selling books only. Now Prime-package owners can receive one new book for free each month using the Kindle First service. In addition, by installing the Kindle application on your mobile or tablet, the owners of the Prime package can download one book per month for free.

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