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Six New California Laws Everyone Should Know

6 New California Laws You Should Know About, Collected Patch.

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New laws will make it illegal to remove condoms without consent, introduce police reforms and make take-out cocktails permanent.

Gavin Newsom has just signed a series of new laws that will affect Californians of all ages.

The new legislation covers everything from increasing the inclusiveness of schooling to taking harsh measures against police officers who are biased.

Many of the new laws coming into force are direct responses to questions that have been controversial throughout the pandemic. Some were directly inspired by the pandemic, while others were born out of last year's social justice movement fueled by the death of George Floyd.

New laws were also passed in the wake of the governor recall election, which threatened to remove the first Democratic governor from office. Newsom cleverly won this recall, but will immediately begin preparations for the next elections in November 2022.

Here are some of the new laws you need to know about.

1. Cocktails to go

When restaurants and bars were permanently closed due to the pandemic last year, the state made concessions for residents.

At the time, the Alcoholic Beverages Regulatory Agency authorized the sale of take-out cocktails to adult Californians.

Newsom last week signed into law, SB 389, which will make take-out cocktails permanent.

“This is an important step towards helping our restaurants hit hard by the pandemic,” said Senator Bill Dodd. “This will ensure their recovery, protect jobs and our economy. I thank my fellow legislators and the governor for supporting this new law. ”

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Another piece of legislation will also allow the expansion of open-air restaurants to continue as owners seek to make up for lost profits during the pandemic.

2. Gender neutral zones in shops

The Golden State became the first in the country to require major department stores to display items such as toys and toothbrushes in a gender-neutral manner. AB-1084 will do away with the traditional pink and blue advertising for baby products. It is designed to support LGBTQ + communities and combat gender stereotypes.

While the new rules do not outlaw traditional sections for boys and girls in stores, they will require large stores to have gender-neutral sections.

The law applies to toys, hygiene products, and teething products. Small businesses are exempt from the new law.

“We need to stop stigmatizing what's acceptable to certain genders and just let children be children,” said MP Evan Lowe, a San Jose Democrat who sponsored the bill. "I hope this law will encourage more businesses in California and the US to avoid perpetuating harmful and outdated stereotypes."

3. Stealth is illegal

California also became the first state to make it illegal to remove condoms without consent. This action is usually called "stealth" ("stealthing" from the English verb to steal).

According to the bill, the law adds a new clause to the civil definition of sexual violence. The passage of the law does not mean that criminals face imprisonment for removing a condom; rather, the victim will be able to sue for damages.

4. Dismissal of police officers who act criminally

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In the wake of last year's social justice movement that rekindled calls for law enforcement reform, Newsom signed into law SB 2 in late September, which removes badges from police officers who act criminally or with bias.

The new law was among several criminal justice reforms approved since the assassination of George Floyd last year and dozens of similar cases that have come to light.

According to the state, police officers in California can have their badges taken away if they are caught using excessive force, committing sexual assault, false reporting or arrest, intimidating witnesses, or participating in gangs.

Officers will also be fired if they demonstrate bias based on religion, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical disability, or mental differences.

5. Ethnic studies courses are now a requirement for high school students

According to AB 101, a new law signed by Newsom on Friday, Californian students will now be required to take ethnic studies courses in order to graduate from high school. The new law comes into force from the 2025-26 academic year.

The curriculum will cover the culture and history of marginalized communities.

“It is long overdue to include ethnic studies in the school curriculum. Students cannot fully understand the history of our state and nation without including the contributions and struggles of Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans, ”MP José Medina, the author of the bill, said in a statement.

6. Menstrual Products Must Be Available in Public Schools

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Golden State public schools will now have to supply their toilets with free menstrual items for grades 6-12. Newsom signed the new bill on October 8.

The state will reimburse local agencies and school districts for the provision of sanitary supplies.

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The new law, AB 367, is designed to increase access to menstrual products for women, non-binary men, transgender men and those who “experience inequality as a result of not having access to menstrual products”.

“Having convenient [and] free access to menstrual cycle products means our periods won't interfere with our learning [and] reduce the anxiety of trying to find a product as we try to learn,” Assembly Member Christina Garcia tweeted.

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