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Juneteenth Climate Seminar and Festival: How to Spend a Weekend in New York (June 11-13)

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What: Climate Seminar

When: Friday, June 11, from 16:00 pm

Where: Selina Chelsea New York City 518 West 27th Street New York, NY 10001

More: This event will showcase the inspiring action of artists, youth and NGO leaders around the world to protect the oceans and climate. As part of the program, participants will share experiences to highlight the UN World Oceans Day 2021 theme, Ocean: Life and Livelihoods.

Cost: Free options


What: Concert in Bryant Park

When: Friday, June 11, from 19:00 pm

Where: Bryant Park Near 41st Street and 6th Avenue New York, NY 10018

More: This season, Bryant Park Picnic Performances celebrates the return of art to Midtown. Twenty-five musicians from the renowned orchestra open the summer season on June 11 and 12. In each of these performances, the New York Philharmonic will perform a selection of classical music by the great composers of the past three centuries under the guidance of world renowned conductor Lina Gonzalez-Granados.

Cost: Free options


What: Children's Festival in Queens

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Saturday-Sunday, 12-13 Jun

Where: Jamaica Performing Arts Center (JPAC) 153-10 Jamaica Avenue Queens, NY 11432

More: The International Children's Festival is back with free fun and activities for the whole family. The two-day fun family event includes art performances and crafts to inspire young people and families with children to enjoy the arts. Activities will include live music and dance performances, magic show, dance party and more.

Cost: Free options


What: Charity Garden Tour

When: Saturday, June 12, from 11:00

Where: Brick Township, NJ 08723

More: The Ukrainian National Women's League of America invites you to a charity garden tour at a private home in Ocean County. Here you will find almost 200 species and varieties of plants, you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with a master gardener. The entrance ticket includes soft drinks, the opportunity to buy plants and gifts on the Ukrainian theme, as well as a drawing of unique prizes.

Cost: $ 15


What: Night market in the Bronx

When: Saturday, June 12, from 12:00

Where: 1 Fordham Plaza 1 Fordham Plaza The Bronx, NY 10458

More: The Bronx Night Market is once again awaiting its guests. More than 100 merchants can be found on the market, who will offer to taste dishes of various cuisines of the world and buy a wide variety of goods.

Delicious food, refreshing drinks and live music are what else you need for a great evening.

Cost: Free options


What: Screening of the cartoon "Zootropolis"

When: Saturday, June 12, from 19:30

Where: Queens Botanical Garden 43-50 Main St New York, NY 11355

More: In the center of the story is the rabbit Judy Hopps. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a police officer. Despite the childish resentment from the fox bully Gideon Gray and the anxiety of her parents, she decides to achieve her goal. After graduating from the police academy with its heavy drill, Judy leaves for Zootropolis.

However, on her first day of work, she is, contrary to expectations, tasked with issuing parking tickets rather than catching criminals. Judy does a great job with this job. After finishing it, she draws attention to a suspicious fox named Nick Wilde. He wants to buy a huge ice cream for his baby in the elephant cafe, but they do not sell it to him for the reason that only elephants are served there. Judy, deciding to do a good deed, threatens the sellers with checking the sanitary and epidemiological station and at the same time pays the cost of the ice cream. Nick thanks her and leaves, but on the same day Judy reveals his fraud: together with his Fenech accomplice, who was just pretending to be a child, he melts a huge ice cream into many "paws on a stick", sells it to lemmings, and sells the remaining sticks in the form of construction boards for rodents. Judy tries to arrest him, but Nick does not formally break the laws. As a result, the fox tells the rabbit that in Zootropolis no one cares about her dreams and that she is not allowed to become a police officer.

Cost: From $0


What: Master class on decorating a Hutsul hat

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Sunday, June 13, from 13:30

Where: Online

More: In this master class, young artists will learn about the traditional kresan (Hutsul hat) and create and decorate a Hutsul felt hat.

The master class is suitable for children of primary school age. Moderated by Oksana Pasakas, UHEC Education Program Coordinator.

This is a free online event and requires registration by link... After registration, you will receive a personal link to the master class.

Cost: Free options


What: Juneteenth Festival

When: Sunday, June 13, from 18:00

Where: West 129th Street New York, NY

More: Juneteenth is one of the oldest American holidays, celebrated every year on June 19 to commemorate the official abolition of slavery in the United States. This day gets its name from the combination of the word "June" (june) and the end of the number 19 (teenth). It has long been celebrated by black Americans as a symbol of their long-awaited freedom.

Festival visitors can enjoy performances, workshops and panels on a variety of topics. After the official part, guests will be offered entertainment for the whole family. In particular, children will find balloons, ice cream, face painting, inflatable houses and much more.

Cost: Free options


Dear readers! Please note that due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection, some activities may be canceled or rescheduled for other dates. Therefore, before visiting, we recommend checking the information on the sites of the organizers.

But we have collected many interesting events for you online:

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