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Murder "with elements of execution": bodies of 8 members of the same family found in Ohio (updated)

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Eight members of the Rodin family were reportedly killed in attacks on four homes in Peebles, Ohio. Among them is a 16-year-old teenager.

Three young children, from 4 days to 4 years old, survived. The newborn was reportedly found in a bed near the body of a murdered mother.

The state attorney and the county sheriff described the crime as "murder with elements of execution." The killer dealt with his victims, shooting in cold blood at point-blank range in the head.

Currently, at least one criminal, according to police, is on the run. Locals are urged not to panic and remain vigilant.

Two of the family's homes are within walking distance of each other in Pike County, east of Cincinnati, the third is about 1,5 km away, and the fourth is 10 minutes by car.

Ohio State Attorney Michael Devine called the murder of members of the Roden family "a horrific tragedy."

According to the pastor of the local church, Phil Fulton, the victims are members of the same family - a woman, her ex-husband, their grown children and a grandson.

In the small town of Peebles, there are reportedly only 1800 people.

Schools were closed as soon as information about the incident was received, in case the armed criminal remains at large.

The FBI office in Cincinnati reported in Twitterthat offered their help and are closely monitoring situations.

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