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Seven times a month, lost his job in the United States: the story of a Russian-speaking immigrant

“My good friend, for various reasons, could not settle down in the United States. Why didn't he succeed, and what reasons influenced the fact that he had to move back to Russia? " - the author writes 8 Ball Blog on Yandex Zen.

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Next - from the first person.

For a month, my friend managed to lose seven jobs at once, having worked on each of them just one shift. He came to the conclusion about his failure himself and at first did not really understand why this was happening. He even began to sin that immigrants are not loved and will not be allowed to exist normally in this country. But in fact, everything turned out to be quite simple, and there was nothing to do with a “biased” attitude towards migrants.

Americans don't care who you are by nationality

In fact, the Americans do not really care what country you are from, and they perceive Russians absolutely normal. If you came to the country and didn’t sit on the shoulders of taxpayers, hanging your legs, and immediately found a job, pay taxes, medical insurance and generally live like most Americans, you will be perceived as an ordinary U.S. citizen and no matter where you come from.

But if for some reason you did not manage to find a job and get a job, no one will poke your fingers in the back, but on the contrary will try to help. For example, they will offer accelerated courses for a new profession, and at the end they will offer you a job.

Work in the USA

You can find jobs in the United States, mostly low-paying jobs, and mostly immigrants go to such jobs. As in the case of my friend, he could not get a high-paying job, because he did not know the language, and the only way was to go to at least some kind of work to stay afloat.

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So do many immigrants who are actually determined to seriously stay in the United States. For the first six months, they tighten their English and earn money at the same time, after they change jobs and already begin to equip their life.

My friend did the same, in the first four days he lost 4 jobs at once with the wording ineffective. How it was - he agreed to work, the first day they look closely at him and this day is paid. They paid him $ 16 per hour, this is considered a low-paying job that does not require special skills and knowledge.

Ineffective worker

Several times he got a job as a loader, everything seems to be super, the clock is ticking, money is dripping. Paradise, not work. But each time at the end of the shift, they said goodbye to him, and at the same time they made such a decision with a wording ineffective. Why did this happen? And everything is very simple.

As soon as he got the job, the very first thing he did was think, as if to strain less, but at the same time, so that time would pass and the money would drop into his pocket. He’ll go, smoke around the corner, drink coffee, work a little, sit down, dig his nose, go for lunch, then sit again, and there’s no work, there’s nothing to load and unload. But the result is always the same.

In the States will have to work

It turned out in the United States that you must prove your effectiveness every minute you pay. No breaks and gatherings. You have to do something every minute. Settled a loader, but nothing to unload, clean up the warehouse. I put things in order in the warehouse, distribute the goods in the warehouse, examine the goods, where is what and in what quantity. Well, if there is nothing to do at all, go up to the leader and ask for additional work.

At the same time, they go to the head for additional work so that you are not sent home. To earn more hours and thereby earn more.

So friends, in the USA you need to work. And the more you work, the more you are valued as a worker. So you gradually increase the pay, and in fact, with a low-paid job, you can go up. No one will keep hacks there. He lost the remaining 3 works as well, but lasted a little longer on them.

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