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Selfies, fallen ID and kisses of supporters: how was the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky

Vladimir Zelensky took office as president of Ukraine. The inauguration ceremony was held in the Verkhovna Rada.

Photo: Facebook / Volodymyr Zelensky

In the second round of the presidential elections, 73,22% of voters (13,5 million people) voted for Zelensky, 24,45% (4,5 million people) for his rival Petro Poroshenko, with a turnout of 61,37%. Zelensky won in almost all regions of Ukraine, with the exception of the Lviv region and the overseas constituency, where Poroshenko took first place.

20 May at 10 o'clock in the morning local time (3: 00 in New York) to the applause of the crowd, Vladimir Zelensky marched through the Mariinsky Park, accompanied by four guards, shaking hands with his supporters and even kissing some of them. And he made one selfie.





Zelensky even jumped up to kiss Yevgeny Koshevoy, actor of the 95 Quarter studio, on the forehead. This studio filmed the series "Servant of the People", in which he played the role of President.

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What happened on Monday outside the Rada building and in the parliament itself was reminded to many of the footage from the series, writes Air force.


The inauguration ceremony was attended by four of the previous president of Ukraine out of five: Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko and Petro Poroshenko. There was not only Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia in 2014 year.

Zelensky, putting his hand on the Constitution of Ukraine and the Peresopnytsia Gospel (it is believed that this book of the XNUMXth century is the first translation of the Gospel into Ukrainian), took an oath to the Ukrainian people, signed its text and handed it over to the head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.


After that, the chairman of the constitutional court Natalia Shaptala announced that, in accordance with the article 104 of the Ukrainian constitution, Vladimir Zelensky assumed the office of president.


Zelensky was presented with the official symbols of the head of state - an order chain, a mace and a seal.



The head of the Central Election Commission, Tatiana Slipachuk, handed him the President’s certificate.


Not without embarrassment. Zlensky put the certificate on a special pad, which was held by the representative of the guard of honor, and it fell from it.

In his inaugural speech, Zelensky switched to Russian several times, addressing residents of the occupied Donbass. In response, the deputy from the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko interrupted the president’s speech, starting to shout that the inhabitants of this region understand Ukrainian.

Photo: video screenshot

“Thank you for continuing to divide people, Mr. Lyashko,” Zelensky replied and added: “The Ukrainian is not in the passport, it is in the heart.”

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Full speech President.


Dear Ukrainians!

After my election victory, my six-year-old son said:
"Yes! They say on TV that "Zelensky is the President ..."
It turns out that ... I ... also the President ?! ”.
And then it sounded like a joke, but then I realized that in fact it was true.
Because each of us is a president.
NOT 73 percent who voted for me, but all 100 percent Ukrainians.
This is not mine, this is our common victory.
And this is our common chance. For which we are jointly responsible.
And just now - not only I took the oath. Each of us put his hand on the Constitution and each of us has sworn allegiance to Ukraine.

Imagine loud headlines: “The president does not pay taxes,” “The president rushed drunkenly into a red light,” “The president is stealing slowly, because“ everyone does it ”.
Do you agree that this is a shame?
This is what I mean when I say that each of us is a President.
From today, each of us is responsible for the country that we leave to our children.
Each of us, in our own place, will be able to do everything for the prosperity of Ukraine.

A European country starts with everyone.
We have chosen the path to Europe, but Europe is not anywhere. Europe is right here (in my head - ed.). And when it will be here - then it will appear here - all over Ukraine.

And this is our common dream.
But we have a common pain.
Each of us died in the Donbas.
Every day we lose each of us.
And each of us is an immigrant.
Those who lost their home ... And those who opened the doors of their home, sharing the pain.
And each of us is a “worker” (worker abroad - ed.).
Those who did not find themselves at home, but found earnings in a foreign land ...
Those who in the fight against poverty have to lose their dignity.

But we will overcome all this! Because each of us is Ukrainian.

We are all Ukrainians: there are no more or less, right or wrong.
From Uzhgorod to Lugansk. From Chernigov to Simferopol. We are Ukrainians in Lvov, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnieper and Odessa.
And we must be one. After all, only then are we strong.

And today I appeal to all Ukrainians in the world. Us 65 000 000.
Yes, do not be surprised - there are 65 of us. Those who were born by the Ukrainian land.
Ukrainians in Europe and Asia, in North and South America, in Australia and in Africa. I appeal to all Ukrainians on the planet!

We really need you. Anyone who is ready to build a new, strong and successful Ukraine, I will gladly grant Ukrainian citizenship.
You should go to Ukraine not to visit, but to go home.
We are waiting for you. No souvenirs from abroad are needed, please bring your knowledge, experience and mental values.

All this will help us start a new era.
Skeptics will say: this is fantastic. It's impossible.
Or maybe this is our national idea? Having united - it is impossible to do.
Contrary to all!

Remember Iceland's national football team at the European Championships.
When the dentist, director, pilot, student and cleaner fought and defended the honor of their country. And they did it, although no one believed it.

And this is our path. We must become Icelanders in football, Israelis in defense of our homeland, Japanese in technology, Swiss in the ability to live happily with each other, despite any disagreements.

And our first task is to cease fire in Donbas.
I was often asked: what are you ready for a cease-fire?
Weird question. And what are you ready for the lives of people close to you?
I can assure you - so that our heroes no longer die,
I'm ready for anything. And I'm definitely not afraid to make difficult decisions,
I'm ready to lose my popularity, my ratings,
And if need be, I am ready to lose my position without hesitation so that peace can only come. Without losing our territories.

History is an unfair thing.
We did not start this war. But we have to end this war.
And we are ready for dialogue. And I am sure that the return of all Ukrainian prisoners will be an excellent first step to start this dialogue.

Our next challenge is the return of lost territories.
Frankly, it seems to me that this wording is not entirely correct.
For it is impossible to lose what is already ours.
Both Crimea and Donbass are our Ukrainian land.
Where we lost the most important thing. These are people.

And today we Must regain their consciousness. That's what we lost.
Over the years, the authorities have done nothing to make them feel like a Ukrainian. They knew that they were not alien, they were ours, they were Ukrainians.
And let anyone give out at least 10 passports, it will NOT change anything. The Ukrainian is not in the passport. The Ukrainian is right here.

And I know that for sure. I know from the fighters who defend Ukraine - our heroes, both Ukrainian-speaking and "Russian-speaking".
There, on the front line, there is no strife and discord, there is courage and honor.
And I want to appeal to our defenders.

There is no strong army where the government does not respect the people who daily give their lives for the country. I will do everything to make you respect. This is a worthy, and most importantly, stable financial support, your housing conditions, legal holidays after the performance of combat missions, rest for you and your families.
We need not talk about NATO standards, but create these standards.

Of course, besides the war, there are still many evils that make Ukrainians miserable. These are shocking tariffs, degrading salaries and pensions, painful prices, non-existent jobs.
This is a medicine, the improvement of which is mainly spoken by those who have never been with a child in a regular hospital.
These are the mythical Ukrainian roads that are built and repaired only in whose violent imagination.

Let me quote one American actor who became a great American president: “The government does not solve our problems. The government is our problem. ”

And I do not understand our government, which only throws up its hands and says: we can do nothing.

Not true. You can.
You can take a sheet, take a pen and make room for those who will think about the next generations, and not about the next election!
Do it. And people will appreciate.
What is your selective applause. Not everyone likes what I'm saying?
In vain, because it is not I who say it, but the people of Ukraine.

And my election proves that citizens are tired of experienced, systemic, inflated politicians who have created a country of opportunities in 28 years.
Opportunities "kickbacks", "threads", "deribana".

We will build a country of other possibilities.
Where everyone is equal before the law, where there are fair and transparent rules of the game. Alone for all.
And for this, people who will serve the people must come to power.
And I really want your images to not have my images.
Therefore, the President is not an icon, and not an idol, the President is not a portrait.
Hang there photos of your children and before each decision looks into their eyes.

I can say a lot more, but the Ukrainians do not want words, but actions. Therefore …

Dear deputies!
You have appointed the inauguration on Monday, on a working day.
I see one plus in this - it means that you are ready to work.

Therefore, I ask you to accept:
1. The law on the abolition of parliamentary immunity.
2. Criminal Enforcement Enforcement Act.
3. Long-suffering Electoral Code and make open lists.

And. Please release from the posts:
1. Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine.
2. Prosecutor General of Ukraine.
3. Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

This is not all you can do. But for a start, that's enough.
You will have two months. Make these important laws and decisions.
Hang all the medals yourself.
Earn decent points on early parliamentary elections.

I dissolve the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 8-th convocation.

Glory to Ukraine!

And finally. Dear people!
During my life I tried to do everything so that the Ukrainians would smile.
That was my mission.

Now I will do everything so that the Ukrainians at least do not cry anymore.


At the end of the ceremony, the new President of Ukraine left the Rada and approached the people while chanting "Well done!" and Zelensky! After that, he went to the Mariinsky Palace to take the oath of office from the military and security officials.


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International delegations

Representatives of dozens of countries arrived at the inauguration in Kiev. Russia was not invited.

At a meeting with ambassadors and heads of foreign delegations, President Vladimir Zelensky thanked for their help in combating corruption, economic problems and Russian aggression.

“I feel grateful that you were able to come to us in a very short time. Thanks to our international partners for their help in holding fair elections. Together we have proved that Ukraine is a democratic state, ”the President noted, opening a ceremonial reception for representatives of foreign states with his wife Elena, writes Air Ukraine.








He also expressed hope that the number of international partners of Ukraine will grow, and “Ukraine in the international community will become a reliable sister, which everyone will be proud of,” the presidential press service reported.

World reaction


The head of the US Department of Energy Rick Perry called Zelensky's speech "impressive."

"President Zelensky's speech was impressive and powerful," the minister quotes RBC-Ukraine.

“We have a not very large, but very significant group of people who came from the United States for this event. It has already been said. If we had a few days to prepare, our delegation would be five times more. After all, the people of the United States stand next to the people of Ukraine. President Zelensky's speech was impressive and powerful, ”said Mr. Perry.

He added that the United States will continue to support the people of Ukraine "in defending independence and striving for freedom."

“One of the most striking illustrations of freedom is the freedom of the economy,” the minister said.


German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Vladimir Zelensky on assuming the presidency, representative of the German government Martin Fitz said at a briefing in Berlin.

“He is taking office in accordance with a democratic mandate,” she said.

Ms Fitz also noted that relations between Germany and Ukraine remain close, and Germany will continue to support development and reform in the future.

According to a government spokeswoman, Merkel and Zelensky are coordinating a meeting in Berlin, which should take place “in the near future,” but she has not yet been able to name an exact date.

United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated Vladimir Zelensky on his inauguration.

“The UK will continue to support reforms, security and prosperity in Ukraine, and I look forward to working closely with you and your administration,” the prime minister wrote on Twitter.

Then came greetings from the British Queen Elizabeth.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

The reaction of the Kremlin

The Kremlin commented on Zelensky's speech, in particular his words that Crimea is Ukraine.

“As for the ownership of Crimea, as we have repeatedly said, on the whole there is no such issue and cannot exist: this is one of the regions of the Russian Federation,” said the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, TASS reports.

He also noted that President Vladimir Putin has no plans to maintain contacts with President Vladimir Zelensky.

“There are no contacts on the agenda now,” Peskov said.

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