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Marshalls secrets to help you get great discounts

The sales network of Marshalls often offers a lot of discounts and deals on different product groups. Edition Good housekeeping talks about the secrets of the network that will help you find the best deals.

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1. Cosmetics

The fact that Marshalls and other retailers sell goods at a reduced price does not mean that they save on quality. In Marshalls, you can find cosmetics of popular brands like Anastasia, bareMinerals, OPI and Philosophy. Sometimes you can even find discounts on Ole Henrickson and Stila brands. But before buying, experts advise opening and checking the product for damage or fingerprints.

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2. Pay special attention to price tags.

Marshalls and other TJX branded stores - TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Homesense, and Sierra - indicate markdowns in the following price tag colors: white tags without stickers are regular prices, red stickers are sale prices, and yellow stickers are final sale prices are the best deals.

3. The best time to shop is weekday morning

The best time to shop at Marshalls is during weekday mornings when everything is neatly arranged on the shelves. It is best to shop on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. These days one can find very unusual products at nice prices. On Friday, the store usually displays the entire assortment as much as possible, before the coming weekend.

4. Stock up on packing materials.

In Marshalls, you can buy gift wrapping paper, craft paper and postcards for less than two dollars. The average price of postcards in this distribution network ranges from two to four dollars.

5. Check prices while shopping

It's easy to think you're getting the best deal when the price tags show the original price - but that's not always the case. You can use the barcode scanning option in the Amazon price comparison app to make sure you are buying an item at the best price. You can also use the ShopSavvy or Shopular apps.

6. Check various Marshalls stores

Sometimes you tell your friends about an interesting find in Marshalls, and they say they have not seen this product in their store. It turns out that the network initially tests the sale of a new product at several points, and only then launches sales for the entire network. Therefore, if you heard about something interesting, then hurry to check your store, as the sale of goods is tested no more than 3 weeks.

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7. Check different stores

All four stores under the umbrella TJX differ from each other. Experts recommend looking for the right products not only in Marshalls, but also in HomeGoods, Homesense and TJ Maxx.

8. Open a credit card TJX Rewards

If you regularly shop at Marshalls or at one of the other TJX stores, then you should apply for a TJX Rewards credit card. When you open an account, you get a 10% discount from your purchase, as well as exclusive access to information about new products, discounts and other benefits.

9. Take your time and buy online

Marshalls announced earlier this year that they are finally opening an online store. Although there is little information about the launch, there are rumors that the online store will open at the end of this year and there will be products that cannot be found in offline stores.

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