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She fled to the US from the mafia and made a fortune on coaching: the history of Ukrainian Katherine Zenkina

As a child, Katherine Zenkina moved with her parents to the States. Life was difficult, but changed after the workshop of the famous coach Tony Robbins.

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Zenkina told the American Forbes how she changed herself and life. Editors MC Today together with the Translation Bureau "Profpereklad" offers translation of the material.

Catherine Zenkina is now a mindset coach and CEO of the multi-million dollar brand Manifestation Babe. Zenkina's books are # 1 in sales on Amazon, hosts one of the top 100 health and self-improvement podcasts and runs an online community of 200 millennial women.

But probably the most impressive achievement of Zenkina is that by the 26 years she was able to earn several million on her own, which for an immigrant from Ukraine was a cardinal transformation in just three years.

In this interview, Zenkina told her inspirational story about the path to financial and emotional success and shared useful tips on how to achieve fast, orderly and stable growth in her business.

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About childhood

Soon after my birth, the mafia kicked my family out of our home in Ukraine. My parents and grandparents had to leave a comfortable, luxurious and wealthy life and secretly, under cover of night, flee to Los Angeles, California, with $ 900 in my pocket.

Lacking constant earnings, stability and not knowing the language, the parents were forced to work hard to ensure the future for the family. This attitude to work was transmitted to me. I was set up to get good grades, go to a prestigious college and become a doctor. I didn’t want the decision given to the parents so hard to be in vain, so I went to study as a doctor, but that was their dream.

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The relationship of the parents did not work out, and when I was seven, they divorced with scandal. I began to seize grief, gained more 14 kilograms. Due to overweight and my extreme shyness, I was greatly offended by all school years: from primary to high school.

Therefore, instead of concentrating on studying or trying (unsuccessfully) to make friends among classmates, I simply indulged in dreams. Faced with injustice, I always went into my fantasies. But then I did not suspect that they would become my superpower, which would bring me success today.

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Tony Robbins Workshop

In the summer of 2015, I graduated from college. Soon after, I, on the urgent recommendations of my friend, went to an event that completely changed her life. It was called "Unleash your hidden potential." Tony Robbins led it. My intuition screamed that I needed to be there. And in October I went.

This event completely pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me doubt absolutely all the decisions I have ever taken. A fire caught fire in me: I can do more. Rethinking my life, I asked myself the most important question: “For whom do you live, Katherine ?!”

I realized that all the decisions that I made before that moment were not for my own sake: for the sake of feeling comfortable, to get approval or to please others. For the first time in my life, it became clear to me that this life is only mine and only one, and I need to live it for my own sake.

Therefore, I took a big risk. I began to try to create my own version of success.

That same weekend, after the seminar, I broke up with my boyfriend, whom I had been dating for seven years at that time, went to Seattle and told my parents that I would not go to the medical department, but decided to return to Los Angeles, because it was there that I I want to live. I emptied more than one credit card and raised $ 15 thousand to hire a private coach and buy tickets to other motivational seminars. I went all-in.

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On the couch with my grandmother

I would like to say that these changes immediately made my life ideal, but, in truth, everything became much worse. Success came later. At first, I quickly lost my enthusiasm for doing an online fitness business that I started in college, and my only income fell to $ 150 per week. I could not afford to rent an apartment, so I moved to my grandmother on the sofa and, reluctantly, went to work “from bell to bell” as a secretary for $ 15 per hour.

Then it seemed to me that I was moving back. The future looked foggy. I was completely unsettled, because all my bold undertakings led to the fact that I lived with my granny on the couch with a debt of $ 15 thousand. And I just could not imagine how to pay it off.

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One evening, after a long working day, I thoughtlessly flipped through a Instagram feed and my finger froze on a publication quoting Tony Robbins: “Live as if all your prayers have been heard.” I asked myself: “What would I do if my success were inevitable, and I lived as if all my prayers were heard?” And at that moment everything became clear to me.

That evening, I promised myself to turn my grandmother’s life on the couch into a better return story. Remembering the achievements of the previous half-year, I immediately took up self-development even more actively. I reminded myself not to lose heart and to keep to the intended path.

This promise was the beginning of the creation of a multi-million dollar company, which I manage today. Manifestation Babe has become a brand that inspires women to know their worth, create their own version of success and do everything to realize their wildest dreams.

From $ 9 thousand to $ 600 thousand in less than a year

They always ask me what contributed to such a rapid increase in profits in such a short time. What's the secret?

I promised myself to work harder on thinking than on everything else. If you do not believe in the possibility of a specific goal, then actions aimed at achieving it will seem like an impossible task.

Sitting with my grandmother on the couch and later in life, I tried to perceive only positive, inspirational and productive information from motivational publications, podcasts, audio books and videos on YouTube. The whole next year, I absorbed at least two hours a day all possible information from experts such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill. These online mentors taught me that in order to succeed in business, you just need to rewire the wires in your brain.

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I created a website, an Instagram account, and a closed Facebook group called Manifestation Babe, where I regularly published free and useful content that would give people real advice on how to build more productive thinking and improve the quality of life. By the middle of the 2017 year, I already had more than 25 thousand subscribers, and their number was growing rapidly. Over the past three years, more than 200 thousand participants have gathered in my community.

I purposefully tried to understand the needs, desires and problems of a growing audience, as if I were their friend. I created products and services for them, such as private coaching service packages, group training programs, digital courses, and practical manuals that I myself published on Amazon. In the 2016 year, I only offered master classes for $ 33 and private coaching. By the 2017 year, my assortment had grown to 10 of various services, and the income was up to $ 600 thousand per year.

How to rebuild thinking

Here is a list of my favorite practical tips on how to unlock the potential of your thinking and build a million dollar business.

1. Give yourself an attitude to perceive only positive and inspirational content. Do not start the morning with a news program or view Instagram feeds. Do what sets a positive tone for the whole day. Give food to the mind: listen to life-affirming, motivating, and incentive podcasts, audio books, or other sources of information that inspire you to leave a meaningful mark on the lives of others.

Every life and professional decision is determined by your mindset. Absolutely behind all actions are thoughts and beliefs.

2. Treat yourself as if you were already successful. Thanks to certain statements, that is, repeating positive attitudes to combat bad thoughts and self-doubt, my confidence, self-esteem and belief in the ability to build a successful business have grown rapidly.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Manifestation Babe

What will happen if, instead of trying to get an assessment from other people, every day you will tell yourself exactly what you want to hear? For me and my listeners, positive attitudes like “I am extremely successful / successful” or “I can realize all my ideas” radically changed my life.

3. Visualize your ideal business every day, as if it had already taken place. Did you know that the subconscious mind does not distinguish between reality and fiction? This theory was proved by Dr. Richard Swinn, working with Olympic athletes: when the participants in his research actually went skiing and imagined these actions, the same parts of the brain turned on.

Every evening in my mind I “shoot” an 10-minute film about how I achieve a certain financial goal (for example, income of $ 500 thousand) or popularity (for example, I speak to a thousandth audience). I mentally draw myself the final result, as if I had already achieved it and am already reaping the fruits of labor. Thus, I form new neural connections in the brain and build a pattern of success on a subconscious level.

Going all-in in your business is certainly not for the faint-hearted. This requires courage, determination, perseverance and faith in the impossible. Most definitely, everything will go contrary to what you and your family considered the truth.

But you and I know that you deserve it. Remember: realizing that creating your dream business is real, you can achieve everything. Work on your thinking more diligently than on everything else, and soon it will begin to work for you.

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