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The most beautiful lakes in the USA

Spring and summer are a great time to relax by the lake.

Edition Travel and Leisure collected a list of the most beautiful lakes of America.

1. Lake Powell (Utah, Arizona)

Not so often people manage to create something as beautiful as this artificial lake. The mystical charm of this reservoir opens when its warm blue waters, passing through the sheer cliffs of red sandstone, fill more than 90 side canyons.

2. Lake George, New York

This so-called Queen of the American Lakes was the site where the robbers once acquired the luxurious mansions, many of which are still preserved. The lake is dotted with hundreds of small islands, which gives it an incredible charm.

3. Lake Santitla, North Carolina

Deep in the National Park of Nantahala, surrounded by mountains, is Lake Santitla. Such inaccessibility creates an oasis of calm around him for fishing, canoeing, kayaking or just relaxing on the beach. This artificial lake was created in 1928 year and remains unusually clean. There you can watch otters, beavers, bald eagles and hawks.

4. Lake Yellowstone, Wyoming

Clear, deep and cold Lake Yellowstone is located in one of the most geologically active areas of the world. Every summer, over 2 of millions of visitors come to the national park. It is better to come to the lake in winter, when bubbly geysers along the coastline create an incredible landscape of confrontation between heat and cold.

5. Lake Superior, Minnesota, MI, WI

Superior is the largest (by area) freshwater lake in the world. Natural attractions near it include 60-meter sandstone cliffs, beaches and waterfalls, as well as sea caves. You can take a walk here, go boating, canoeing or ferry to your destination.

6. Lake Flathead, Montana

Flathead is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. It boasts an unusually mild climate for an area so far north that it can grow orchards and vineyards. The lake is also home to the Flathead monster, which, according to some reports, has a close relative living in Loch Ness. If you fail to meet the monster, then you will definitely be able to admire the wild horses.

7. Hanging Lake, Colorado

This picturesque lake with aquamarine waters is surrounded by rocks and waterfalls, therefore, despite the small size of the lake (0,6 ha), it is very popular among tourists.

8. Crater Lake, Oregon

The crater in which this reservoir is located was formed almost 8 thousands of years ago, later it was filled with melt and rainwater. This is the deepest lake in America cut off from any incoming streams or rivers, so it remains extremely clean. Visibility averages from 27 to 30 meters, and sunlight penetrates almost 122 meters in depth, which makes this lake excellent for underwater swimming.

9. Lake Deer, Minnesota

The mineral composition and unusual transparency of water every spring fill this reservoir with a game of green and blue colors. Here you can see eagles, ducks, geese and loons.

10. Lake Tahoe, California

Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, charmed by the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The water here is very blue and cool.

11. Lake Caddo, Texas, Louisiana

Spanish moss hangs from cypress trees in the world's largest cypress forest right on the water surface. The lake is surrounded by a huge number of marshes with a lot of alligators, so that a boat trip on this reservoir will be unforgettable.

12. Mono Lake, California

Among the landscape of the dusty desert, dry hills and volcanic craters on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada lies Lake Mono with beautiful clear waters. It was almost destroyed, but is now under the protection of the authorities.

13. Lake Echo, New Hampshire

This lake is surrounded by 150-meter cliffs, the surface of which is played with yellow, orange and red colors.

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