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The most expensive oranges in history: Kroger mistakenly withdrew $ 12 thousand from a client for 3 fruits

We all go to grocery stores, and there have been times when something went wrong, and the amount in the check turned out to be more than it should have. This usually cost a few dollars, but not $ 12, as happened with Chase Dillingham. The publication told about this in more detail. WCPO.

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Chase Dillingham loved the Kroger (formerly ClickList) online checkout point until he saw his receipt for the last purchase.

“I noticed that some of my bills could not be paid,” Dillingham said. “When I checked it, I saw that the cost of our order for self-pickup was more than $ 12.”

Dillingham looked at the receipt and was horrified: he bought oranges at the price of a diamond ring.

“I had three oranges, and the receipt said they cost $ 4099 each,” Dillingham wondered.

When the automated system put all the purchases together, "the total was over $ 12."

Product pickup and a debit card meant there was no human cashier to spot the mistake.

Because it was all digitally produced, Dillingham said he did not see the total amount until he arrived to pick up his order, and the amount was quickly debited from his debit card soon after. Of course, when you shop in a store and an orange for $ 4000 appears there, no one will pay this amount, and any cashier will quickly cancel the payment.

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Dillingham returned to the store, where he said the manager excused himself and began the return process.

A spokeswoman for Kroger said they “discovered this single systemic problem. Upon learning of the error, Kroger's store management met with the buyer to process the refund. Kroger also made a donation to The Shepard's Crook, a non-profit organization in West Chester where the customer often volunteers, in courtesy of problems with the order. We will continue to ensure that this does not happen again. ”

How to protect yourself

So what can you do to ensure that this mistake never happens to you?

Dillingham said he now always scrutinizes his order carefully before using a pick-up service.

“If you place an order for pickup, make sure you get a digital receipt, since you don't have a paper receipt,” he advises.

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This story will serve as another reminder of the added protection that credit cards provide as opposed to debit cards.

With a credit card, you can dispute any frivolous or fraudulent payments before they affect your bank account.

With a debit card, incorrect payment can easily trigger an overdraft.

Finally, Dillingham invites you to see what you are eating, thus demonstrating your sense of humor in the current situation.

“Unfortunately my daughter ate one fruit,” Dillingham said. "It was the most expensive orange in the history of the world."

So keep a close eye on your receipts and don't waste your money.

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