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Since the beginning of the year, 147 people have already died from weapons in the US

In the four first days of 2016, which preceded Barack Obama’s announcement of new measures to limit the sale of weaponsIn the US, 147 people were killed. By data portal Vocativ, they all died as a result of shooting in various states.

The first victim of the new year was registered in Jacksonville, Florida, where a man in his 0s was shot dead at 15:40 am. Among those killed at the beginning of the year - two year old girl from a suburb of Los Angeles, murdered by her father, who then committed suicide.

Analyzing Google Search and Independent Project Data Gun Violence Archive revealed that a total of 34 men and 119 women were killed in 28 US states. Most of them - 66 people - on the first day of the year.

More than 60% of American deaths According to The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recorded precisely as a result of suicide with the use of weapons, especially among citizens aged 15-34.

Since data on suicides do not immediately enter the media, the death toll may be higher in comparison with figures.

The White House insists that the measures taken by personal decree of the US President, bypassing the opposition of Congress, provide for more thorough verification of the identity of the sale of weapons, including information about mental illness and the presence of offenses.

Among other things, the FBI will hire around 230 additional experts and other staff. In addition, 200 new agents and investigators will be hired by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Obama administration also intends to allocate 500 million dollars to increase access to mental health treatment and the inclusion of large amounts of information about certain deviations in the personal data of gun owners.

Laws on the notification of lost or stolen weapons are also being tightened. However, opponents of tightening the rules of possession of weapons have already accused Barack Obama of abuse of power.

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