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Russian businessman accused of espionage in the United States faces 10 years in prison

The detained in Italy top manager of the United Engine Corporation (UEC), a part of Rostec, Alexander Korshunov, was accused of attempting to steal trade secrets of an American aircraft building company. He faces 10 years in prison. Writes about it «РИА Новости».

Photo: Facebook / Alexander Korshunov

The case also includes a citizen of Italy.

“Alexander Yuryevich Korshunov (57 years old) and Maurizio Paolo Bianchi (59 years old) were charged <…> August 21. Korshunov was arrested on August 30 at Naples International Airport, ”the US Department of Justice said.

Bianchi worked for GE Aviation Italy, one of the world's leading aircraft engine manufacturers headquartered in Ohio. Then he left GE for Aernova, which provided consulting services to Aviadvigatel, a subsidiary of the United Engine Corporation.

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“The indictment suggests that in 2013-2018, Bianchi, on behalf of Korshunov, hired current and former employees of the Italian division of GE Aviation for consulting work on Bianchi and Korshunov. The work concerned the auxiliary gearbox of the engine drives, ”the Department said.

We are talking about external components of engines that drive hydraulic and fuel pumps, as well as generators. According to American prosecutors, the results of the work became under the terms of the contract the intellectual property of the US Department of Industry and Commerce.

“During the consultation, employees allegedly used trade secrets owned by GE Aviation to write technical reports,” the Justice Department said.

The indictment states that Korshunov paid these employees, whom he met in Le Bourget in France and in Milan to discuss reports.

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The US Department of Justice and GE have not yet commented on what is happening.

Russian diplomats visited the US State Department in connection with the detention of Alexander Korshunov in Italy and demanded that he not be extradited to the United States, writes Interfax.

“Have expressed strong protest against misconduct. They demanded to explain the reasons for his detention and to immediately withdraw the request for the extradition of our compatriot, ”the Russian diplomatic mission said.

They also declared the inadmissibility of "hunting Russian citizens around the world", which, according to Russian diplomats, "runs counter to the norms of international law" and "leads to further degradation and unpredictability of Russian-American relations."

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Business Development Director at the Russian company UEC Alexander Korshunov was detained at the airport of Naples (Italy) at the request of the United States. He is suspected of economic espionage.

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