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Parents warned of new deadly challenge among teenagers

A new viral internet trend called the Skull Breaker Challenge is very dangerous. Medical experts warn that no one should repeat it. Writes about this Fox News.

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Challenge sprang up in Spain after two students recorded a video on TikTok performing a stunt.

It involves three people standing nearby. Each of them bounces: first, two that are on the edges, and then the one in the middle. And when the middle one lands, two other participants knock him down when they land. A person loses balance, falls and bangs his head when falling.

As the original video became viral, other brave teens repeated this risky trick.

Statements appeared on the network that during the challenge, people even die.

“A man died during this new challenge,” reads the caption to the video.

So doctors and parents because of the Skull Breaker Challenge sounded the alarm, and this is understandable.

On February 8, Arizona mother Valerie Hodson wrote a Facebook post to share scary photos of her son who fell victim to an “evil brutal viral joke.” Hodson said her son had a head injury, stitches on his face and serious cuts to his mouth.

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“He landed hard on his back and hit his head. Trying to get up, the son lost consciousness and fell forward, landing on his face, - explained the mother. “The school doctor ran to him, all this time the other boys were laughing as he lay unconscious on the pavement.”

“At first I doubted whether to publish it. But now I feel that I have to do it, ”she added.

A few days later, a mother from Alabama issued a similar warning. Teri Wimmer Smith said her son, Parker, received two broken bones in her wrist. After participating in this challenge, he expects a difficult operation.

“Parents, tell your kids this is dangerous,” Smith writes.

Dr. Nathan Richards, a physician specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics at Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University, said the problem was potentially deadly.

“Skull Breaker Challenge is a new 'joke' spread on social media. It leads to serious head and neck injuries, ”Richards said.

“It can cause a variety of serious and even life-threatening injuries, such as bleeding, hematoma, skull fracture, neck fracture or deformity, concussion and long-term complications after it, internal bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage, loss of consciousness, paralysis and even death” , - he said.

“While this may seem like a harmless joke to kids and teens, they should be aware of the potentially serious consequences of completing this challenge,” added Richards.

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Psychologist Sabrina Sykes, Ph.D., noted on her blog that popular challenges offer teens "instant popularity with peers in the form of likes and readers, providing them with recognition and supporting their self-esteem."

“Parents should become familiar with social media platforms and engage their kids in conversations about these online challenges,” Sykes writes.

“Remember that while adolescents continue to grow and learn to navigate social relationships, these conversations can help parents develop thoughtful and rational thinking skills in their child,” she added.

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