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Vacancy rating in the USA

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According to the report, at the end of February, there are only 1,3 million free facilities in the country.

RealtyTrac vice president, Darren Blomkvist, said that this situation is in the hands of those who want to rent out or sell real estate, as the housing shortage will raise prices. This, in turn, puts buyers and tenants at a disadvantage.

As a result, RealtyTrac presented a list of US cities with the largest share of vacant houses:

1. Flint (MI) - 7,5%

2. Detroit (MI) - 5,3%

3. Youngstown (Ohio) - 4,4%

4. Beaumont (TX) - 3,8%

5. Atlantic City (NJ) - 3,7%

6. Indianapolis (IN) - 3%

7. Tampa (FL) - 2,9%

8. Miami (FL) - 2,8%

9. Cleveland (OH) - 2,8%

10 St. Louis (Missouri) - 2,6%

The ten cities where the least vacant real estate is as follows:

1. San Jose (California) - 0,2%

2. Fort Collins (Colorado) - 0,2%

3. Manchester (New Hampshire) - 0,3%

4. Provo (Utah) - 0,3%

5. Lancaster (PA) - 0,3%

6. San Francisco (CA) - 0,3%

7. Los Angeles (California) - 0,4%

8. Boston (MA) - 0,5%

9. Denver (CO) - 0,5%

10 Washington DC - 0,5%


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