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Entertainment and additional income: how easy it is to make money in the summer

As Americans adjust to life during the times of COVID-19, many people have returned to their favorite leisure activities, such as travel and event planning. These trends are a good opportunity to earn extra money, reports Grow.

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About 60% of Americans are planning at least one trip this summer, according to the US Travel Association, reports Grow.

Big celebrations are also back as people get more and more comfortable. There are at least 2022 million weddings due to take place in 2,6, according to The Knot, with summer typically being the peak season. Last year, 80% of all weddings took place between May and October.

If you're looking for a part-time job this summer, any of these trends could give you an opportunity to make some extra money. “Weddings and travel this year are just gigantic,” says Cathy Kristof, founder and editor of, a site for job opportunities.

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Here are four summer 2022 part-time jobs worth considering.

Sitting with a pet

This summer, many people who have animals are away for a few days or weeks, and "everyone needs a nanny," as Christophe says.

If you enjoy spending time with dogs, cats, birds, lizards, or any other animal, consider offering pet care services on sites like Rover, Nextdoor, and You can stay at someone's house for the night, take the client's pets with you, or just stop by to spend a few hours with them, take them for a walk.

Babysitters earn an average of $12 an hour, according to ZipRecruiter. Daniel Simms from Long Island earns between $5000 and $9000 a month watching dogs in his home.

Take tours in your hometown

If you love your hometown and know all of its history, consider running tours for those who drop by through sites like Viator and ToursByLocals.

“Mostly you do tours of the local community,” Christophe says. “You design the tour, set the price, decide how many people you can take with you, etc. And you can make a lot of money.”
A haunted and pub tour in Savannah, Georgia currently costs about $36 per person on Viator, while a Seattle sightseeing tour and lunch tour will cost about $400 for three people on ToursByLocals.

According to Christophe, Viator takes 20% of your earnings and ToursByLocals takes 25%, according to

Rent out your car

Whether people are visiting from out of town to see the local sights or attend a wedding celebration, some may need a car. Demand for rental cars has risen as people resume travel, but supply chain shortages mean rental companies are still scrambling to get new cars for their fleet.

“If you have a spare car” or don’t always use yours, you can rent it through Turo,” says Christophe.

The site allows you to determine both the cost of renting a car and a convenient schedule. Depending on the protection plan you choose, you can earn between 60% and 90% of the cost of your trip.

According to the site, on average, those who rent out one car earn about $10 a year.

Have a party

If you love hosting and want to share a unique culinary experience with out-of-towners, consider joining EatWith.

"Basically, you're hosting dinner parties in your own home," Christophe says, adding that it's a great way to make money because "you decide what you offer, when you offer, and how you offer." You can choose the topic, the number of courses, how they are prepared, and so on.

For example, a 2,5-hour Venezuelan three-course dinner in New York City currently costs $84 per guest, while a 2-hour Cajun and Creole cooking class in New Orleans currently costs $180 per guest.

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While guests will cover site fees, keep the cost of the food and drink you will be serving in mind when figuring out how to rate your event.

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