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Five quintessentially American problems that our tourists and immigrants do not understand

In Russia, we do not encounter such difficulties and do not even think that these situations can create difficulties in life. US citizens live with them every day and are already used to it, but to me personally, after being in the States, all this seems very strange, writes Tikhon Smirnov on Yandex.Zen.

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1. They say the price at the checkout

There is $ 5 in your pocket, the price tag says $ 4,50, and you don't know if you have enough money to buy it or not. Ridiculous situation.

In the United States, sales tax is added during the final settlement at the checkout, and is not included in the price, as is customary with us. Moreover, in each state this tax is different. It’s not in Pyaterochka to be indignant over the wrong price tags, here always will be more expensive than you see. The only question is how much more expensive.

2. Censorship

In the news every day they show cruelty, violence, the police chasing gangsters. In the videos, young stars swear, insult other people's moms and boast about how cleverly they break the laws.

They treat this normally, but God forbid someone to “light up” the nipple - right there the public will literally bite. They can rush with teachings even for an innocent photo of their child on social networks. America is a puritanical country and such scenes are unacceptable.

Or a strange rule to say: "a word with the letter N", "a word with the letter F". Still, they perfectly understand what you want to say, why is this hypocrisy? A very peculiar censorship.

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3. Tricky insurance

Dental services in the United States are like an airplane wing. To use them, you must have insurance, but often it covers only a narrow list of the most necessary services.

For example, a filling fell out. The dentist says he must do a “deep clean” before installing a new one. The cost of cleaning is $ 1000 - and the insurance company refuses to pay for it.

You can give money from your pocket, or you can walk with a hole until the tooth starts to hurt or caries appear. Then it will become dangerous and the treatment will be compensated.

4. Tips for everyone

It's a nationwide American fun to tip everyone. Taxi driver, plumber, bartender - everyone expects you to give him some money. If you forget to do this, then a person may consider you an ill-mannered miser.

The peculiarity is that it is very difficult to understand to whom and how much money you should give. Is 10% or 15% correct for this particular person? Or in what situations are these tips expected from you, and in which they will be inappropriate?

In Russia, tips are rare, and people get embarrassed when they receive extra money from a client for their work.

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5. Strollers for moving

Sorry, but how can you start yourself in such a way as to travel exclusively on electric wheelchairs? This is a good solution for people who have health problems, but I'm talking about a situation when comrades who are overweight use wheelchairs.

Instead of starting to move more and fight the pounds, they get on these scooters and finally stop moving. Riding such a wheelchair to the store to buy some more junk food is beyond comprehension.

Original column published on the blog. Tikhon Smirnova on Yandex.Zen.

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