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Five Tips to Save on Airfare in the Summer


Rising prices for flights in the summer season begins somewhere June 15, but this does not mean that you have to lay out a tidy sum. Edition USA Today gathered 5 tips to help you save.

All rates below were found on for trips in both directions in July.

1. Flights to cities where many airlines fly

Each of these cities has many competitors and this is especially felt now, from the point of view of air travel.

Dallas - Denver, $ 119

Los Angeles - Las Vegas, $ 83

New York - Fort Lauderdale, $ 154

2. Take short flights

90 minute flights between large airports are less dependent on seasonal price increases. For example:

Los Angeles - Oakland / San Francisco, $ 91

Boston - Newark, $ 117

New York - Chicago, $ 117

3. Fly cheaper days

Although cheap days may vary, but cheaper days for flights on domestic flights are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Minneapolis - Los Angeles: July 4th flight for $ 227. Friday / Sunday flight, $ 267.

Chicago to Las Vegas: Tuesday / Thursday flight, $ 127. Friday / Sunday flight, $ 337.

Seattle to Los Angeles: Tuesday / Tuesday flight, $ 135. Sunday flight, $ 195.

4. Use the flexible search tool

Many comparison sites have search tools. Use them to find the best deals in a particular month or season. Here is an example for flights in July:

Minneapolis - Chicago, $ 81

Chicago - Fort Lauderdale, $ 129

Dallas - San Francisco, $ 157

New York - Albuquerque, $ 242

Salt Lake City - Orlando, $ 269

5. Fly wisely

Let's say you're in Denver and your goal is to see Mount Rushmore this summer. Airfare to Rapid City, South Dakota is around $ 500 round trip. In this case, creativity will help you. We found deals from Denver to Chadron, Nebraska for $ 97. Chadron is only 100 miles from Rapid Seeley and Mount Rushmore.

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