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Five American Savings Secrets That Are Worth Adopting

Americans are a very economical people. The desire to reduce their costs has turned into a fascinating hobby among the US population. Residents of America every day try to find food and things cheaper, track sales and promotions. Is writing

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So, here are five secrets to saving in the US that anyone can take on arms.

1. Ignore the cafe

To save money, residents of the United States try to consume food as little as possible outside the house and prefer to drink coffee at home rather than in a coffee shop. Even many drink alcoholic drinks at home, rather than in bars. Because in American restaurants and cafes it is customary to leave impressive tips each time - 10-15 dollars for a waiter or a bartender. Many people in America, trying to spend less, eat more pasta and cook their own meals. They also prefer to take lunches and coffee in a thermocup with them from home to work.

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2. Rooms for rent

Maintaining a home in America is very expensive, and many also have a multi-year mortgage. To make it easier to pay for housing, Americans rent a room or part of the house. Renting rooms for foreign students is commonplace in the United States. It turns out a good extra income, which can be obtained without going outside. Some even convert the basement into a one-room apartment, and then rent it out. Also, in order to reduce costs, Americans save on electricity - they always turn off the light, leaving the room, rarely use air conditioning, and when leaving for business, they turn off the autonomous heating in the house. In the northern states, many install ceiling fans - they do not require much energy and mix air from room to room, which saves on heating.

3. Take a basket

Arriving at the supermarket, so as not to collect a lot of goods, the Americans take a small basket for food, not a cart. A huge cart subconsciously wants to fill. Therefore, many people, going to the store only for the necessary goods, are gaining completely unnecessary products and things. And if you have a small basket in your hands, then you won’t take much, in addition, it will become heavier as it is full, so you won’t want to take too much. Another way to save money is to buy not chopped and packaged convenience foods, but raw meat and fresh vegetables that are cut and cooked in your kitchen.

4. Hand in recyclable materials

U.S. stores have vending machines that accept empty bottles and cans. In America, there is a system in which money paid for a container, already included in the price of the goods, is returned to the buyer if he passes this empty container for processing. Americans are not at all embarrassed to give bottles - even very wealthy people do it. Residents of America are actively sorting waste - the more garbage that is taken out of the house every day, the higher the fee for its disposal. It is much more profitable for them to reduce the number of trips to the garbage can, and to save waste for a long time. Sorted garbage on certain days is collected for free.

5. Looking for discounts

Americans are always waiting for sales, which are constantly arranged by large retail chains. Discounts during these periods can be up to 75%. In the USA, literally everything on the shelves is sold at a reduced price if the expiration date is nearing the end or a new collection arrives. Before you go shopping, you can find out all the promotions, draws and loyalty programs on the official website of the store. Also, many people turn on the distribution of discount notifications by e-mail or phone. For weeks they can look out for a thing they like and wait for the action to act on it.

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Residents of the United States are actively collecting discount coupons that are cut from newspapers, advertising leaflets and printed on store sites. They patiently wait for the terms of their action in a supermarket, store or pharmacy. The benefits of the coupons are significant - it allows you to save from 50 to 90% of the budget. With their help, you can purchase goods almost for nothing, and some of them can get even free. It is known that 70% of Americans use coupons to receive discounts on goods and services. These coupons are valid in almost all areas of life: when visiting concerts, a hairdresser, a restaurant, buying household appliances, airline tickets, food and medicine. Also, with their help, you can significantly save on the purchase of tourist packages, hotel reservations, entertainment and even trips to the doctor.

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