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Five little things in the USA that make me happy

In life in the US, you can find a lot of advantages. Photo:

In life in the US, you can find a lot of advantages. Photo:

America is very big. Each state has its own unique nature, laws, and history. It’s hard to talk about common pros and cons for all parts of the United States, but I found 5 points that, according to my observations, are common to all of America. And these simple things make me happy every day.

1. Do not like it - return

In America, in most stores you can return almost any item and get a full refund if you return within the period indicated on the check. And sometimes, even if it is overdue.

In the worst case, you will be offered a deposit card of the store, which you can use to buy another product, in the ideal case you will get your money back in cash or on a credit card.

Of course, it all depends on the store's return policy (in the US, this is called the return policy), but usually you can return even an open package of food, shampoo or soap that did not fit, and so on.

In Ukraine or Russia it is impossible to even think about this, because sometimes even returning a new product and even on the day of purchase can be a big problem.

I don’t know if this is a marketing move or something else, but when you have the opportunity to return something, because it didn’t fit, didn’t meet your expectations, or turned out to be frankly bad (underline), you decide to buy much faster.

I think this is right, especially in relation to cosmetics, which can ruin your appearance, mood, and sometimes life. But that's another story.

In the American store, you can even return cosmetics. Photo:

In the American store, you can even return cosmetics. Photo:

2. Paradise for neat

In America, in each institution hang special tanks with disinfectant solution. He came up, sprinkled it on his hands and walked on. Sometimes these tanks are several per square meter.

This is incredibly convenient for those who have a small child who loves to put his hands in the dirtiest places, and it is vital for mizophobes.

To the same point I can add sufficiently clean toilets in public places and changing tables in women's toilets, which are practically everywhere. By the way, in the latrines of large shopping centers and hospitals you can even find vending machines with sanitary pads and contraceptives.

Chistyuli feel very comfortable in the United States. Photo:

Chistyuli feel very comfortable in the United States. Photo:

3. The opportunity to be yourself

Someone thinks it is a fat minus and does not want to see very plump African-American women in leggings, representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation, who are not shy about showing their feelings in public places, and 90-year-old grandmothers, who left for breakfast almost in peongs, but I Here I will write this item in plus.

Residents of the United States are not afraid to show their “imperfect figure”; large women feel free to wear stylish, tight-fitting clothing and shoes with heels and express themselves.

Recalling a very sad range of stores for girls plus size a la "Empress" in Ukraine, I am sincerely happy for the local ladies. Of course, this is not about people who are obese and have treacherously abandoned all attempts to recover and lose weight.

In America, it is not a shame to be yourself. Photo:

In America, it is not a shame to be yourself. Photo:

4. Everything is available ... on credit

If you work and have credit cards with a decent limit, you can really afford a lot - travel, good cars, branded items, university studies and, over time, your accommodation.

Here and now. And no need to wait from paycheck to paycheck or painfully save. Spend and enjoy life. Just do not forget to work hard and in time to “extinguish” your loans.

In America, a radically different concept of life and attitude to credit compared with Ukraine and Russia. Yes, you can pay most of your life for a student loan or a house, but the game is worth it. This is clearly understood when you get a diploma from one of the best universities in the world or enjoy the sunset from the window of your apartments in Miami.

Thanks to the credit card you can afford a lot. Photo:

Thanks to the credit card you can afford a lot. Photo:

5. Sport is in honor

Every day I see people who are currently playing sports, are planning to play sports or have just finished training.

The gym, which I attend, is clogged at any time of the day - and early in the morning, and late in the evening. The overwhelming number of visitors to the fitness club are the people behind 50. Especially a lot of them are youthful grandmothers from 65, pull rods.

In every major clothing store, a huge department is devoted to sportswear and accessories. In the menu of almost every institution there are freshes and smoothies.

And I’m not even talking about people who have been supporting football or baseball teams for generations and attending all matches with their families. This does not apply to their work on themselves, but definitely to their respectful attitude towards the sport and the home team.

In the US, it is easy to meet grandmothers in the gym. Photo:

In the US, it is easy to meet grandmothers in the gym. Photo:

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