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How much American officials earn and how they are punished for absenteeism: 10 facts about US civil service

In the USA, there is a standardized practice of calculating salaries and bonuses for officials. Edition "Voice of America" collected some interesting facts about public service in the States.

1. All salaries of officials of all levels in the United States are public information that can be found online for each employee. The salary is calculated according to a transparent system in accordance with the position (its level and the so-called “step”), as well as the length of service. For example, the president of the country receives $ 400 a year, the vice president - $ 000. However, this is before taxes, which on average are 246%.

2. An increase in wages is possible only due to the transition to the highest "rank" and "place". The ascent to the highest step occurs every 1-3 years. The bosses can reward the transition to the highest step earlier. But the growth in rank is carried out only with a change in position and responsibilities and is not always immediately accompanied by an increase in salary. Separately, the rate may be adjusted for inflation by 3-4% for all public sector employees - this is possible only by decision of the US President.

3. For work on holidays, and there are 10 of them at the federal level, employees are paid double pay per day of work. 10% pay extra for work on Sunday and at night - from 18:00 to 06:00. There is also a “local” premium, which is more significant in large cities with a high standard of living. All bonuses or bonuses are also tax deductible.

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4. Compared to top private companies, salaries in the public sector are lower. For example, an HR manager at a large international FMCG company Nestlé earns an average of $ 102 a year. In state structures - $ 000. But work in state structures attracts, first of all, stability, the number of days off, a relatively high pension and other bonuses.

It is noteworthy that people who have served in the United States have significant preferences when hiring for federal positions.

5. These salaries of civil servants may seem high, but one must bear in mind the level of spending in the United States. According to the so-called “Big Mac Index”, America is in the top countries in the world in terms of prices.

The index reflects the general level of prices for food, wages and rent. For example, in the most expensive city in the United States, San Francisco, the median household income is $ 96 before taxes. That's about $ 265 a month net. And at the same time, the average rent in the city is $ 6 per month.

6. Government workers have from 13 to 26 working days of paid leave per year, depending on the length of service, as well as 13 days of sick leave. Only in 2020 did officials have the opportunity to get 12 weeks of parental leave - earlier before or after the birth of a child, women had to use leave and sick leave, which they had time to save to stay at home at their own expense.

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7. Government employees have good life and health insurance, which can be better than leading corporate offers. In addition, officials have privileges on the use of public transport. In Washington, civil servants are fully paid for metro and bus travel to the office and home, which helps relieve the capital’s roads, which are still considered one of the busiest in the country.

8. Among employees of federal agencies, as well as in American private companies, the practice of working from home is widespread under a number of conditions and with the consent of management. By the way, although the federal government in Washington may close under the slightest snow, this does not mean that officials are just resting. Most of them work from home, according to predetermined procedures, at the same time they do not create traffic jams and make it possible to work with snowplows.

9. The punishment for absenteeism, especially - providing false information about the reason for their absence from work, may be higher for civil servants than in private companies. After all, if an official “steals time” from his department, he “steals taxpayers' money”. Absenteeism is the fastest way to get fired.

10. If Congress and the President cannot agree on next year's state budget, then the federal government has no funding, and most government agencies - from departments to national parks - are forced to close, and workers are sent on unpaid leave.

Some departments have the status of “performing critical functions”. These include airport security services and are forced to work for free. Over time, they receive compensation, but only when the authorities agree on the federal budget.

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