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Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Foods that should not be bought in the supermarket



American companies selling goods via the Internet, such as Amazon, as well as the manufacturers themselves, offer customers bargains that can cost the end customer at least 10% cheaper than in a supermarket. It's about non-perishable goods, says Sam Galliardi, the head of e-commerce at IRI Worldwide, a market researcher.

This is due to the fact that many online stores are focused on attracting consumers and are known for their loyalty to existing customers, so they are ready to sell some products with minimal profits. Sam Gagliardi notes that online merchants can offer lower prices due to low overheads.

As for perishable products, grocery stores offer the most attractive prices. Frozen food, milk, fish and meat are still cheaper to buy at grocery and even grocery stores.

Therefore, Galyardi recommends buying perishable products in grocery or grocery stores, and non-perishable foods online.

Below is a list of products worth buying online.

1. Snacks

In many supermarkets, a huge selection of snacks. That is why shops often close snack bars to stimulate the sale of this type of product.

However, snack manufacturers themselves offer online discounts if you agree to buy a certain quantity of goods from them, says Jordan Gaspard, managing partner of AccelFoods.

“Companies are interested in offering the best deal and attracting customers,” Gaspard says.

Kind snack maker, for example, will cut the retail price by 37% if you sign up on the site and buy goods in bulk monthly or quarterly.

2. Special diet food

Such dietary foods that do not contain gluten, GMOs, or nuts are best bought online than in the store itself, says Brian Hellman, president of Vitacost, a site with vitamins and healthy food.

3. Coffee

Even supermarkets advertise coffee brands known in the US and abroad. Less promoted brands have an affordable price on the Internet.

Today, many well-known online brands, such as San Francisco Bay and Caza Trail, are cheaper and rarely appear on store shelves. Increasing competition also tends to make coffee online cheaper than in stores, says Gagliardi.

4. Healthy drinks

Non-carbonated soft drinks increasingly fill the market on the Internet. Brands use the Internet not only for sales, but also to educate consumers about health trends, which is harder to do in regular stores, says Gaspard.

5. Baby food

Surprisingly, baby food and baby accessories are sold at a reduced price in online stores, including Amazon, to encourage busy parents to become regular customers, Gagliardi says.

Buying online, you save 15%.

"Amazon tries to penetrate many families and sometimes sells to itself at a loss," - these are the results of a study by the firm Gagliardi.

6. Pasta

Thanks to services like Amazon Fresh, you can buy whole packages on the Internet, not boxes, of pasta that cost 50% less than in stores, according to research.

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