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Problems with landing and measurement of height: the authorities have warned American airlines about the dangers of 5G

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released notices detailing the extent of the potential impact of the new 5G wireless service on sensitive aircraft electronics. Writes about it to Reuters.

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The FAA is in talks with aircraft manufacturers, airlines and wireless carriers to mitigate the impact of the new wireless service, which is due to roll out on January 19.

The aviation authority warned that potential interference could affect the aircraft's sensitive instruments, such as altimeters.

AT&T (TN) and Verizon Communications (VZ.N), which won nearly all C-band spectrum in an $80 billion auction last year, agreed on Jan. 3 buffer zones around 50 airports to reduce the risk of interference. They agreed, among other things, to delay the deployment by two weeks to avoid aviation security concerns.

The FAA began issuing so-called air mission notices at midnight on Jan. 13, offering details on "aircraft with unverified altimeters or in need of upgrades or replacements that will not be able to land in poor visibility where 5G is deployed."

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By 01:00 am ET, more than 300 notices had been posted, including many around major airports and hospitals that use medical helicopters.

Many notices state that certain procedures will not be available unless the FAA approves alternative compliance methods “due to 5G C-band interference.”

The wireless industry provided additional transmitter location data, and the FAA said it was able to determine that with the initial rollout of 5G, aircraft will be able to land safely in low visibility conditions on some runways without restrictions.

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Some notices provide details on how this will affect instrument approaches at major airports. The FAA is confident that some GPS-guided approaches will continue to be possible at select airports such as Miami, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona.

The agency said it "expects to provide an update soon on the estimated percentage of commercial aircraft equipped with altimeters that can reliably and accurately operate in a 5G C-band environment."

The FAA is still "working to determine which radar altimeters will be reliable and accurate with 5G deployed in the United States."

On Friday, January 14, the FAA selected 50 US airports to have buffer zones when wireless carriers turn on new C-band 5G service.

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