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Mike Tyson's adoptive mother was a Ukrainian: how an immigrant raised a boxing legend

Ukrainian woman Camilla Evashchuk was born in the Ternopil region, emigrated to the United States with her parents and eventually became a mother for a sports star - the legendary and scandalous Mike Tyson. How it all happened, said the publication Ukrainian.

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Her parents, Ignat and Nastya Ivashchuki (Evashchuki), emigrated to the United States before World War II and subsequently changed their surname to a more familiar one for those regions - Ewald.

Already an adult, Camilla met the famous New York boxing coach Cas D'Amato. He took guys from disadvantaged families and made every effort to make them not only high-ranking boxers, but also worthy people.

But the showdown with the mafia forced the coach to leave New York, so he moved farther - 160 km away to Camilla's house. By the way, it was in the Victorian style, with 14 rooms. No one knows how he came to the daughter of immigrants, but it is known that D'Amato housed the best boxers here, and the trainer set up the boxing gym in the attic of the police station.

Mike Tyson fell into the hands of a coach at 13 straight from a juvenile delinquent school. The young man practiced well with his fists and after the first sparring he heard: "If you listen to me, I will make you the youngest heavyweight champion in the world."

Strictly but loving second mom

Outside of training, where D'Amato was in charge, Camilla was engaged in young boxers. The Ukrainian kept discipline by introducing clear rules and responsibilities for each resident in the house.

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Mike Tyson was in charge of garbage disposal and really did not like to do it. In the first year, he ran away from D'Amato three times.

However, Camilla Ewald was not at all tough in her attitude towards the children: she taught them to read and write, as well as to use cutlery, always treated them to something tasty, took care of them and listened to all their problems. She helped Tyson build a cage for pigeons, near which the guy spent all his free time from training, because he loved these birds very much.

Already in 1981, Camilla Ewald and Cas D'Amato decided to adopt the 15-year-old future legend. Mike's own mother did not have the time and opportunity to raise a boyfriend, so she did not mind, and his father left the family long ago.

After the death of his biological mother, Tyson asked permission to call Camilla a mother - and, of course, she agreed.

Mike talks a lot about Camille in his autobiography, The Undeniable Truth. In particular, speaking about the first acquaintance, he calls her "a glorious Ukrainian woman." And he recalls that he could fly out of Camilla's house on the first day, because he robbed him, writes

“When I first got to their house, I stole money from Teddy's wallet. After all, this shit doesn't go away on its own just because things are going well for you. And I needed money for grass, ”writes Mike.

The boxer recalls the story of how D'Amato tried to marry him in the 9th grade of school with a girl for whom he had no serious intentions. The coach believed that in this way Mike would eventually calm down and focus on his career. But Camilla said then: “Do not try to obey Cass about marrying anyone. You will have as many girls as you want and you can choose the best one. "

The most dear woman in the world

It was Camilla who saw the triumph of her son, and Cas D'Amato died of rare pneumonia a year before Tyson's first victory and never saw him become a champion.

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And the Ukrainian was next to Mike during the championship, ups, victories, and in difficult times of imprisonment, charges of rape, divorce, drug use, depression. Like a real mother, she always protected him: "You treat him like he is a machine, and not a man with a soul." And when the whole world was against Tyson, Mike was always waiting for his room in Camilla Ewald's house, where he could come even in the middle of the night.

When the athlete started his own family, Camilla also became a wonderful grandmother for his children: Mike often brought kids to her. Camilla Ewald died at the age of 96. Tyson could not restrain his emotions and emphasized that it was thanks to this beautiful woman that he was able to feel motherly love, support, care and blessing.

Tyson spoke only positively about Ukraine, thanks to his Ukrainian mother. At one of the press conferences in Kiev, he said that it was his mother who taught him to respectfully communicate with people and be disciplined. She demanded that he could take care of himself, clean up his room, prepare his own food. According to him, it was she who taught him to be independent.

Whatever happens to him, Tyson always speaks of his mother with gratitude and respect: “Camilla was an excellent assistant for Cash in all matters. She took care of the house and everything we need. I have always supported her. She was my mother. "

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