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Present for the president: what Biden and Putin gave each other during the meeting

On June 16, Switzerland hosted a meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin. What the heads of state gave each other, the edition told News.Liga.

Screenshot: YouTube / RBC

Joe Biden gave Vladimir Putin sunglasses and a bison figurine, and as a gift he received a writing set with Khokhloma painting (decorative painting of wooden dishes and furniture, made in red, green and golden tones on a black background).

According to a White House spokesman, Biden presented Putin with original Randolph USA aviator sunglasses.

The White House said that in 1978, Randolph, together with the US military, began producing the HGU-4 / P Aviator goggles for fighter pilots. Since then, such glasses have been supplied to the US and NATO military.

Biden also gave Putin a $ 3 crystal sculpture of an American bison, created by New York-based Steuben Glass. The company was founded in 200 by glass master Frederick Carder. In 1903, Steuben created a prismatic crystal formula that could capture, reflect and refract light, unlike anything else in the world. Since that moment, the company's crystal has become the most famous product in the USA and the world, as stated on official website.

Screenshot: Steuben

If you want to buy yourself the same bison or another sculpture to your liking, visit the website of the company on link.

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It was on the bison that Biden stopped due to the fact that it one of the most majestic animals in the United States, symbolizing strength, unity and resilience. In 2016, the bison was officially named the national animal of the United States.

“The figurine is placed on a cherry wood stand, symbolizing the name of the first president of our country, George Washington. It has a bespoke engraved plaque commemorating the meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin, ”said a White House spokesman.

According to a Kremlin spokesman, Putin presented Biden with a writing set with a Khokhloma painting "Moscow".

And although the overall impression of the meeting with the presidents remained positive, the relationship between them is still a little tense.

The US President was generally pleased with the meeting. He stressed that Russia should strive to preserve its reputation in the international arena, and an impeccable reputation is incompatible with international cyber attacks and restrictions on media freedom. with the BBC.

“The tone of the whole meeting was good and positive. There were no pressure attempts. When we disagreed, I expressed disagreement, told what it was. When he disagreed with me, he also talked about it, ”Biden explained.

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“I did what I came to do. First, we have identified areas of practical interaction between our countries in order to advance our common interests and benefit the whole world. Secondly, I directly, directly made it clear that the United States will respond to actions that harm our interests and the interests of our allies. Thirdly, I spoke about the priorities and values ​​of our country - and he heard everything directly from me, ”Biden concretized.

According to Putin, during the meeting "there was no hostility." The assessments of Moscow and Washington on various issues differ, but nevertheless, both sides showed a desire to understand each other, and the conversation turned out to be constructive, the Russian president said.

“Once again, I was convinced that President Biden is an experienced person,” Putin said. At the same time, he noted that "lightning flashes of confidence" flashed between the negotiators.

“Leo Tolstoy once said: there is no happiness in life, there is only its lightning, cherish them. So, it seems to me that in such a situation there can be no family trust. But it seems to me that his lightning flashed, ”he said.

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