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The criminals of the year: our people arrested in the US in 2019

In the USA there are millions of immigrants from the post-Soviet space, many of them are recognized as successful businessmen, professionals and innovators in a certain field. But there are those who gain fame because of their illegal acts, which turn out to be so unusual that they begin to talk about them in the media.

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We have collected stories of Russian-speaking people who were arrested in the US in 2019 year.

Export to Russia of American military equipment

72-year-old Russian Dmitry Makarenko was arrested at the request of the FBI on the island of Saipan in the Pacific Ocean on charges of trying to export military equipment from the United States to Russia.

The indictment against the 72-year-old Russian district court in the southern district of Florida issued another 15 June 2017 year. According to the data of the American authorities, Makarenko supplied military-grade night-vision devices to Russia, other military visualization devices and primers to ignite the charge. In addition, he is accused of money laundering.

According to the investigation, Makarenko is an accomplice of Vladimir Nevidomo, a native of Ukraine who has American citizenship, whom in June 2018 a court in the United States sentenced him to 26 months in prison for conspiring to illegally export military technology to Russia.

Read more: 72-year-old Russian was arrested for exporting American military equipment to Russia.

Rental Fraud

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24 January New York police announced the arrest of 24-year-old Kazakh citizen living in Brooklyn, Mahabbat Abdualieva.

She was charged with petty theft and criminal forgery after she took money from people who wanted to rent apartments in New York, which they considered deposits for apartments, and then disappeared.

She carried out fraudulent acts together with a man. From mid-July to the end of December 2018, the suspect took deposits from at least 11 victims using 8 pseudonyms.

Read more: Kazakh citizen detained in New York for fraud with the rental of housing

Electronic Fraud and Penetration into the US Securities and Exchange Commission Database

US authorities have filed several Americans, as well as citizens of Russia and Ukraine, with absentee charges of electronic fraud and penetration into the database of the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The charges were brought against the 27-year-old Ukrainian citizen Alexander Yeryomenko living in Kiev, who, according to the investigation, was the main organizer of the scheme, as well as a number of people, including several Russian citizens, and two companies.

According to the documents filed with the court, Eremenko and his accomplices penetrated the closed databases of the American regulator, stole financial information from corporations, including information about profits, and then passed it to exchange players. Those used it to carry out trading operations, and shared the proceeds with hackers.

As a result of the fraudulent scheme that has been operating since 2016, the attackers managed to illegally get more than $ 4,1 million in total.

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Marriage immigration scams

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A husband and wife from Brooklyn were arrested on January 29 on charges of creating a fraudulent green card scheme through marriage, which they have been using for many years.

60-year-old William Jacobsen and 68-year-old immigrant from Ukraine Marta Medvedev appeared in court on charges of fraud, during which the couple took $ 30 from immigrants to help find U.S. citizens who want to enter into fictitious marriages with them. After that, fraudsters prepared couples for an interview for immigrants to receive green cards in connection with marriage.

Read more: Ukrainian and her husband arrested for immigration marriage scams in New York

The largest SMS scam in the world


Zhenya Tsvetnenko, an Australian-born Australian businessman with Russian citizenship, can go to jail for 60 years if he is extradited and convicted of a fraudulent scheme that helped to get almost $ 200 million in the United States from 2011 to 2013.

He is accused of participating in a fraudulent scheme, with which the system automatically charged a monthly fee of $ 13 for mobile text users for text messages containing horoscopes, celebrity news, and other minor texts in an entertainment format. Automatic debit was carried out even if people had never signed up for this service.

Read more: Russian millionaire arrested for the largest SMS scam in the world

Fraud and money laundering

Judicial hearings on three Kazakhstan citizens accused of fraud in the United States were postponed to early May, but dozens of people from post-Soviet countries were involved in the scheme, and the police are still looking for some of them.

A group of 25 people was charged with “conspiracy to commit fraud using electronic means and conspiracy to conceal money laundering”. Their scheme included the publication of fake online classified ads for classic collectible cars, and then the creation of many fake companies to accept payment from victims and transfer money outside the United States.

Read more: Immigrants from the former USSR have turned in the US a fraudulent scheme for $ 4,5 million

The murder of a wife and son for profit

44-year-old Viktor Yuryevich Glukhovsky, who works in the LAPD security department, was charged with two aggravated killings, in particular with a view to obtaining financial gain (details of this charge are not specified). With such accusations, the man faces the death penalty.

The investigation believes that on December 26, 2018, Glukhovsky killed his 40-year-old wife Natalia and his teenage son Alexander in their apartment on Oxnard Street.

The man first told the police that he had arrived home and found his wife and son dead, but during the investigation it turned out that his version was a lie.

Read more: Russian-speaking Los Angeles police officer killed his wife and son for profit

Husband tyrant killed 23-year-old Ukrainian in the United States

On April 4, the body of 23-year-old Ukrainian Tatyana Guzhva was found in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. In connection with her death, her husband, 31-year-old Fuad Pashayev, was arrested. Tatyana's parents are worried about a two-year-old granddaughter, whose fate is unknown.

In January, Pashayev was charged with 11 incidents of domestic violence against Guzhva. For example, he poured boiling water over Natalya’s face, beat, tried to strangle and killed her dog. Once a man threw a frying pan at his wife just because their one-year-old daughter was crying loudly.

On April 4, at 16:30 p.m., the 911 control center received a call that forced the police to go to the house of Guzva. According to police, in her house they found only the body of a woman and no one else.

Read more: A tyrant husband killed a 23-year-old Ukrainian woman in the United States: parents collect money to come for the body

Russian woman posing as a millionaire and tried to get 22 million loan

The married American banker sent 158 ​​messages of a romantic nature to the Russian woman Anna Sorokina, who posed as a millionaire heiress in New York. He entered into correspondence with Anna after she tried to get a loan of $ 22 million with his help. Russian woman faces 15 years in prison for fraud on an especially large scale.

Banker Dennis Onabaggio suggested that Anna Sorokina was a German heiress with a capital of $ 60 million.

Sorokina tried to get a loan to create a Manhattan art club that would serve the elite of the city. But after Anna was unable to provide evidence of her condition, Garfield closed the application in February 2017.

Read more: A Russian woman posing as a millionaire in the USA tried to get a $ 22 million loan by flirting with a banker

Laundering of money stolen by hackers from bank accounts of American individuals and companies

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South Korea extradited a US citizen of Ukraine, Alexander Musienko, who is accused of laundering $ 2,8 million stolen by hackers from bank accounts of American individuals and companies.

The Ukrainian is accused of acting under the guise of fictitious firms such as Vita Finance and Hilpert, legalizing funds stolen by hackers in the United States. Musienko allegedly hired employees to fulfill the duties of financial assistants. At a certain time, they transferred the stolen money to their bank accounts and immediately transferred them to extraneous accounts registered outside the United States.

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$ 1,5 million fraud

Bogdanov and his accomplices combined sophisticated computer hacking and identity theft with "good old" fraud and stole more than $ 1,5 million from the US Treasury and taxpayers. The prosecutor promised that the authorities will use all possible resources to find and prosecute everyone involved in the scheme cybercriminals.

Between June 2014 and November 2016, Bogdanov and his associates illegally assigned personal information (social security numbers, dates of birth), gaining unauthorized access to computer systems of private tax firms in the United States. Then they changed the information in the tax returns so that the tax refund was paid to debit cards, which were controlled by Bogdanov and his accomplices.

Bogdanov and his associates also used illegally assigned data to obtain preliminary tax returns of victims from the IRS website, after which they filed new tax returns, allegedly on behalf of the victims, so that compensation would be paid to controlled debit cards. The money from the cards was cashed in the United States, and a percentage of the proceeds was transferred to Bogdanov in Russia.

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$ 874 corruption scam

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Three Russian-speaking women who were responsible for selecting applications from applicants for affordable housing in Brooklyn are accused of receiving about $ 874 in bribes from applicants.

71-year-old Anna Treibich, 66-year-old Irina Zeltser and 38-year-old Karina Andriyan from Coney Island were charged on 78 counts, including conspiracy, theft, falsification of business records and commercial bribes.

Between 2013 and 2019, the suspects allegedly conspired to steal and sell the right to purchase 18 apartments for a total of $ 5 million from Luna Park Housing Corporation on Coney Island.

To apply, potential buyers required various documents, including proof of income, and in some cases, birth and marriage certificates. In exchange for bribes ranging from $ 10 to $ 000, the suspects forged these documents so that the city authorities accurately approved the statements.

Read more: Three Russian-speaking women turned a corruption scam in New York on $ 874 000

A gang of Russian-speaking hackers hacked tens of thousands of companies in the US and Europe

Tens of thousands of companies and organizations in North America and Europe have been affected by cybercriminal attacks from Eastern Europe; 11 criminals infected more than 41 computers with the GozNym virus, trying to steal more $100 million from bank accounts.

Among the criminals - the organizer of the operation, Alexander Konovolov, a 35-year-old Georgian, who assembled a team on Russian-language forums on the Internet. Russian programmer Vladimir Gorin was the "brain" of GozNym. Four more Russians played their roles in the operation.

The Bulgarian was responsible for receiving cash using the data downloaded by the GozNym program to transfer funds from the victims' bank accounts. Ukrainian Gennady Kapkanov administered the Avalanche platform network, where there were more than 20 viruses, including GozNym.

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Buying Flight Instructions on eBay

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For 15 years, Russian computer games developer Oleg Tishchenko developed high-precision flight simulators and bought documentation for various airplanes for better immersion in the topic. For the purchase of several such instructions, a criminal case was brought against the Russian, in particular Tishchenko is accused of conspiring against the United States. He faces more than 10 years in prison.

Read more: Russian 10 faces years in prison in the United States for purchasing aircraft instructions on eBay

Scandalous corruption scheme for entering the best colleges in the USA

A native of Ukraine, Igor Dvorsky, director of a preparatory school from West Hollywood, was implicated in a scandalous fraudulent scheme for admission to the best universities in the United States - Dozens of parents, including American celebrities, paid bribes to ensure that their children were enrolled in prestigious educational institutions.

Dvorsky received large sums for each student, for which he provided fake exam results.

Read more: Ukrainian turned out to be a defendant in the scandalous corruption scheme of admission to the best US colleges

Ukrainian robbed Microsoft millions of dollars

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25-year-old Ukrainian Vladimir Kvashuk robbed one of the largest multinational companies producing Microsoft software for millions of dollars.

According to the US Attorney's Office in Seattle, working for seven months in the company as a tester, Kvashuk could give himself gift certificates, but instead of testing he sold them on the Internet.

In total, the Ukrainian wrote himself discounts on Microsoft products on $10 million and received another bank account $2,8 million

Read more: Ukrainian robbed Microsoft millions of dollars

A native of Kazakhstan worked for ISIS.

In New York, a case has been initiated against a native of Kazakhstan, Rustam Maratovich Asainov, who is accused of “providing substantial assistance” to the Islamic State terrorist organization.

Asainov spent two days in an Istanbul hotel, and then moved to Syria, where he eventually became one of the best IS snipers and rose to the honorary title of “emir”. According to the investigation, he taught the militants how to handle weapons and took part in the creation of training camps for the extremist organization.

Read more: He was a sniper: in New York a native of Kazakhstan is being tried for cooperation with ISIS

A Russian native brutally murdered her American husband for custody of children

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32-year-old Angelina Hamrick, an American of Russian origin, is accused of murdering her husband, a US Air Force recruiter. A man was found shot dead in a ditch near his home in Ohio. The couple was in a divorce proceedings and fought for custody of their three children. The mother of the deceased was afraid that her daughter-in-law after receiving a divorce would flee with them to Russia.

Read more: In Ohio, a native of Russia accused of brutally murdering her American husband

Ukrainian immigrant accused of death of seven bikers in the US

A 23-year-old citizen of Ukraine, Vladimir Zhukovsky, was driving a Dodge pickup truck, to which a cargo platform was attached, when he ran into motorcyclists in the area of ​​Randolph (New Hampshire) early on Friday evening, June 21. He rode erratically and crossed the dividing line, the case file says.

One of the victims of the accident said that the trailer demolished most of the motorcycles that followed him. The accident took the lives of seven bikers.

Read more: Ukrainian immigrant accused of death of seven bikers in the US

Russian sent parts of weapons to their homeland

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Russian Vladimir Kuznetsov was arrested in Pennsylvania on charges of illegal export of small arms parts and accessories to Russia. He faces 20 years in prison.

Kuznetsov is charged with acts committed from February 2017 at the time of his arrest. A Russian with accomplices whose names are not indicated is accused of acquiring parts of small arms, including sniper rifles, on the Internet and sending these goods by US Post to customers in Russia. On the parcels and goods a false description of the contents was indicated.

Read more: Russian was arrested in the USA for sending parts of weapons to his homeland: he faces 20 years in prison

The court acquitted the Russian, who became the first immigrant from the CIS, elected to the delegates of the Assembly of the State of New York

In April 2017, 61-year-old former Muscovite Alec Brook-Red was arrested on charges of deceiving the state health system, criminal conspiracy and other crimes, to which bribery was later added.

The jury, who met for exactly one week, acquitted Brook-Krasny on the main counts, but could not reach a consensus on the minor ones, primarily on the bribery clause.

Read more: Accused of fraud and corruption: the court decided the fate of the Russian-speaking member of the Assembly of New York

$ 4 billion laundering through bitcoins

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Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik is suspected of laundering $ 4 billion on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Vinnika’s company is registered in Cyprus or the Seychelles, and possibly there and there. Users from California and other locations used the exchange to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Read more: US sued for $ 100 million Russian, laundered $ 4 billion through Bitcoins

Dmitry Andreichenko came with a rifle to Walmart

Photo: Greene County Sheriff's Office

Less than a week after it happened mass shooting at Walmart in the city of El Paso (Texas), at the Walmart in Springfield (Missouri) came Dmitry Andreichenko in a military uniform, lightweight body armor and with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Eyewitnesses and cameras installed in the store showed that the man arrived at the store around 17:00 pm and began to shoot what was happening on the smartphone from the car. He took out a bulletproof vest and rifle from the trunk, entered the department store, taking the shopping trolley and continuing to take pictures.

Andreichenko said after the arrest that he “wanted to check if Walmart respected the Second Amendment in this,” and kept a videotape in case he was ordered to leave the premises. He stated that he intended to buy grocery bags and did not expect the reaction that his appearance caused.

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Ukrainian filmed a video for adults with a 2-year-old daughter

Kiev woman Elena Kalichenko, who was 27 years old at the time of the crime, was filming porn videos with her two-year-old daughter. She sent the video to her 50-year-old boyfriend from the United States, realtor Joseph Valerio.

He generously paid the Ukrainian woman for spicy videos. Investigators found that the woman received $ 8 thousand for 20 short clips and another $ 12 thousand for the disc, which contained a candid video with the child. This disc a woman sent to her boyfriend by mail. When they found out about the porn video, the FBI got down to business.

Valerio was arrested almost immediately and sentenced to 60 years in prison. In order to detain Elena, she had to be lured to the USA: the woman was informed of Valerio’s detention, they said that it was in her interest to fly in and testify against the man, and as soon as the Kiev woman got off the plane in New York, she was arrested.

Read more: I shot a video for adults with an 2-year-old daughter: a Ukrainian woman in the USA was sentenced to 20 years in prison

Russian spy businessman tried to steal aircraft engine control system

Photo: Facebook / Alexander Korshunov

The US authorities accuse the director of business development of the United Engine Corporation, Alexander Korshunov (part of Rostec), of industrial espionage: according to the FBI, he recruited three General Electric employees and, with their help, tried to steal the aircraft engine control system.

The detention took place on August 30 at the airport of Naples. In the USA, Korshunov and Italian Maurizio Paolo Bianchi were charged with conspiracy and attempts to steal information constituting a trade secret.

According to investigators, Korshunov was allegedly engaged in industrial espionage since 2013 of the year. In addition to Korshunov and Bianchi, at least three unnamed persons appear in the case, it follows from the testimony of Rannels. These are former and current GE employees.

Read more: Russian businessman accused of espionage in the United States: what he did and what it threatens

A Russian citizen was detained at the airport of the Spanish city of Valencia at the request of the United States

Russian citizen Alexander K. flew to Spain with his wife and son. He was detained at the request of the FBI. The United States issued an international arrest warrant for this man, suspecting him of "participating in a million dollar fraud that he committed over the Internet using fake documentation."

The FBI contacted the Spanish police to agree on the arrest of a Russian on an international warrant. He is accused of involvement in Internet fraud on a particularly large scale using fake documents.

Read more: Russian arrested in Spain at the request of the United States

Beating motivated by anti-Semitism

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On October 2, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for a citizen of the Russian Federation who was sentenced to 30 months in prison for beating a man who claimed to be a Jew.

Izmir Ali Kokh, a 34-year-old Russian citizen and a native of Uzbekistan, was convicted on July 9 for committing a hate crime that he committed in December 2017.

One man said that he - a Jew, although in reality he was not a Jew, but there were his friends who were there. Koch hit this man on the head, he fell, after which Koch and his friends continued to beat the victim. They broke a man’s face bone and damaged ribs.

Read more: US authorities track down Russian citizen for beating up on anti-Semitism: $ 5000 reward

Helped Trump in the case against Biden

Foreigners who assisted President Rudi Giuliani's personal lawyer in investigating the activities of Joe and Hunter Biden were arrested. They are accused of financial fraud.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are accused of conspiracy to “circumvent federal laws prohibiting foreign intervention, using the scheme for transferring foreign money to candidates for federal and state posts.”

According to prosecutors, Parnassus was born in Ukraine, Fruman - in Belarus.

Parnassus and Fruman used Global Energy Producers to contribute $ 325 to a special political action committee supporting Donald Trump and $ 000 to another political committee. Parnassus transferred another $ 15 to Trump's campaign in 000.

Read more: In the United States arrested immigrants from post-Soviet countries who helped Trump in the case against Biden

Sanctions Violation

Фото: Depositphotos

A court in Georgia accused five people of conspiracy to launder money, financial fraud and attempt to circumvent existing trade restrictions. The charges were brought against two citizens of Russia, two Italians and an American.

We are talking about the head of the Russian company KS Engineering (KSE) Oleg Nikitin, an employee of the company Anton Cheremukhin, the head of the Italian-registered company GVA International Oil and Gas Services (GVA) Gabriele Villone, an employee of the organization Bruno Kaparini and the head of the American company World Mining and Oil Supply ( WMO) Dali Bagr.

An unnamed company, "controlled by the Russian government," entered into a contract with Nikitin and KSE to buy a Vectra 40G power turbine from an American manufacturer for about $ 17,3 million. For reasons of national security, the US Department of Commerce banned any unlicensed delivery or transfer of Vectra to a Russian company.

Read more: In the United States, two Russians face jail for violations of the sanctions regime

Immigrant businessman from Moldova hooligan at the airport

Massachusetts police detained 31-year-old Sergiu Parfeni, who turned out to be an influential person from the city of Malden (Moldova). Partheny went through the emergency exit at Logan Airport and climbed into the cargo compartment of the aircraft. The man is accused of hooliganism and interference with the airport.

According to the police, Parfeni left the emergency door of Terminal C, got to the tracks and briefly got into the cargo compartment of the aircraft before JetBlue employees kicked him out. When the police arrested Parfeni, he told them: "You cannot tell me what to do, you need to let me go home."

Read more: Moldovan immigrant businessman arrested at Boston airport for hooliganism

Up to 35 years in prison for a Trojan

Фото: Depositphotos

A court in the Southern District of New York State sentenced Russian programmer Stanislav Lisov to four years in prison, who in February pleaded guilty to the creation of the NeverQuest Trojan program, which stole money from accounts in American banks.

According to the verdict of the court, the programmer will also have to pay compensation to the victims in the amount of $ 481 thousand, and also pay a fine.

Lisov was detained in Spain in January 2017 on the basis of an Interpol warrant issued in the United States. In accordance with all the charges brought against the Russian, he was facing up to 35 years in prison.

Read more: Term for "Trojan": in the US, Russian programmer was sentenced to prison

Russian suffered while trying to cross the US border

The press service of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Houston (Texas) reported that a Russian citizen Yevgeny Glushchenko was injured by an employee of the US border service while trying to illegally cross the American border. He also said that he was not interested in the help of Russian diplomats.

November 14, Russian citizen Glushchenko, born in 1982, was injured on the border of the USA and Mexico in the state of Arizona while trying to cross the border. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital in the city of Goodyear. According to media reports, in 2018 he already tried to illegally enter the United States from Mexico, along with his pregnant wife, but was detained and then deported.

At the same time, the Consulate General could not clarify who Glushchenko was, how he and his wife ended up in Mexico, how they got to the USA and why he was deported, and his wife remained in the USA.

Read more: Refused the help of diplomats: what is known about a Russian citizen injured while trying to cross the US border

Armenian pleads guilty to US visa fraud

Фото: Depositphotos

Hrachya Atoyan, 32, participated in a transnational network that operated under a widespread visa fraud scheme for Armenian citizens to enter the United States. The network assured the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that the Armenians are members of it, therefore they are eligible for a P-3 “Unique Art Worker” visa.

As soon as the Armenians entered the United States, some of them paid extra money to the employees of the fictitious company, which were included in another fraudulent P-3 visa extension scheme. As stated in the indictment, Atoyan himself came to the United States on a P-3 visa with BAMA.

Read more: Multi-year scheme: Armenian pleads guilty to US visa fraud

Georgian paid dearly for fictitious marriage in the USA

The US Internal Security Service initiated an investigation into a fraudulent marriage between daughter Marlyn Godshall, who pleaded guilty, US citizen Melissa Godshall, and Georgian citizen Levan Lomtatidze. Melissa Godshall was married to Lomtatidze, and also lived with her real boyfriend Robert Kennerly.

During the investigation, the agents found that the fictitious marriage to Melissa was proposed by Tojiddin Ragimov (a naturalized US citizen from Tajikistan). He walked over to the couple and invited Melissa to marry a foreigner for money. Godshall agreed to marry Lomtatidze in exchange for $ 12, housing and a car. The wedding took place in North Carolina.

On August 27, 2019, Lomtatidze was sentenced for conspiracy to commit fraud in marriage. He was also ordered to be deported from the United States. On the same day, Melissa Godshall was sentenced to four months in prison.

Read more: Prison and deportation: Georgians paid dearly for fictitious marriage in the USA

US announces $ 5 million reward to capture Russian hacker

The US State Department announced a reward of $ 5 million for information that would help arrest the Russian Maxim Yakubets. American authorities consider him the leader of the hacker group Evil Corp.

Evil Corp was involved in the creation and distribution of the phishing software Dridex. As a result, banks and financial institutions in more than 40 countries were hacked, and the damage exceeded $ 100 million.

Read more: Thief Lamborghini: US Announces $ 5 Million Reward for Capturing Russian Hacker

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