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The criminals of the year: our people arrested in the US in 2018

In the United States, there are millions of immigrants from the post-Soviet space, many of them are recognized as successful businessmen, professionals and innovators in a particular field. But there are also those who gain fame for their illegal acts, which turn out to be so unusual that they begin to be reported in the media.

We have collected stories of Russian-speaking people who were arrested in the US in 2018 year.

Attack on policeman

Photo: NYPD

After a week of searching, the 16 police in November arrested a suspected Russian-speaking man accused of assaulting a New York police officer in Brooklyn.

The arrested, 32-year-old Alexey Savelyev from Brooklyn was accused of an unprovoked attack on a man that he committed on the morning of November 8.

The attack happened on Williams Court and East 11th Street in Sheepshead Bay.

An 29-year-old officer, who at the time was not in the line of duty, was walking his dog when suddenly attacked from behind.

The attacker shouted a threat in Russian, after which he hit the policeman on the head and face.

The policeman, who also speaks Russian, understood the essence of what was said, but, according to him, he was not familiar with the attacker before the incident.

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Cyber ​​attacks of Ukrainian hackers in the USA

Фото: Depositphotos

Three Ukrainian citizens - 44-year-old Dmitry Fedorov, 33-year-old Fedor Gladyr and 30-year-old Andrei Kopakov - were detained in the United States on charges of cyber attacks against more than 100 companies.

In the documents of the US Department of Justice, they are called members of an “experienced international cybercrime group.”

According to the investigation, the Ukrainians were in the hacker group FIN7, which had attacked companies in the US at least since 2015. Hacking "thousands of computer systems," they stole numbers of millions of bank cards. They also hacked in the UK, Australia and France.

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Uzbeks funding terrorism

Фото: Depositphotos

US attorney’s office accused a native of Uzbekistan living in Philadelphia of financing terrorism. According to the investigation, he used code words and other means of encrypting data in order to transfer 300 dollars to a terrorist organization.

Bakhtiyor Dzhumaev was arrested more than six years ago in his apartment in Philadelphia. However, his case is being considered by a court in Colorado, because the person who received the money was living in a Denver suburb at the time of the transaction.

Dzhumaev was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization and to provide or attempt to provide material support for terrorism.

According to the investigation, Dzhumaev made friends with another Uzbek, Jamshid Mukhtorov, also the defendant in the case, when they rented an apartment in the United States. The men discussed a terrorist group called the Islamic Jihad Union in telephone conversations and emails using code words. For example, the word "wedding" was used to refer to jihad or fighting.

After the arrest, Jumaev confessed to the accomplishment and stated that he understood that sending money to terrorist groups and using code words were crimes.

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Debos in the subway in Brooklyn

The passenger of the New York subway made a civil arrest of a Russian-speaking woman who several times hit another passenger on a train in Brooklyn.

According to the police in New York, 40-year-old Anna Lushchinskaya was detained after attacking an 24-year-old woman. The victim got on the train at the station 9-th Avenue and 39-th Street, and Lushchinskaya immediately launched an attack, due to which the victim received bleeding cuts on her face.

Luschinskaya beat a woman with an umbrella and kicked her several times, at some point she hit the victim with keys, and then continued to beat her with an umbrella.

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Illegal lobbying of interests of Russia in the USA

Maria Butina in 2013,
personal page of Maria Butina on Facebook

July 15 in Washington detained Russian citizen Maria Butina on suspicion of trying to influence US policy on the instructions of a high-ranking official from the Kremlin.

She was officially charged on two counts. - in collusion with the aim of working as a foreign agent and in activity as a foreign agent without appropriate registration.

The Russian woman used personal relationships as a means for introducing American organizations into interests to Butinu and acquaintances with influential politicians, the investigation says.

In the investigation of Butina’s activities took FBI participation, which gained access to her correspondence and the contents of her phone. In conclusion, special agent FBI Kevin Helson, attached to the charges against Butina, is attributed to her complicity in the creation of a secret channel of communication between the elites of the Republican Party and the Russian leadership. Allegedly, while studying at a university in Washington from the year of 2015 to 2017, Butin acted as a Kremlin agent of influence. It is stated that she received instructions from a high-ranking Russian official, whose name is not reported.

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Armenian visa fraud in New York

Фото: Depositphotos

Three Armenians were charged for participating in the multi-year visa fraud scheme in New York, as a result of which Armenian citizens illegally came to the United States.

Among those arrested are Stella Boyadzhan (47 years), Hrachya Atoyan (30 years) and Diana Grigoryan (41 year).

The women were charged with 15 clauses, including visa fraud, fraud conspiracy and the importation of foreigners into the United States. Boyadzhan and Grigoryan are also accused of money laundering, and Boyadzhan is charged with theft of personal data.

The scheme was based on the deception of federal programs to support unique creativity, involving the issuance of C-3 visas. The fraudsters falsified announcements and information about upcoming dance concerts and represented their clients as dancers who applied for C-3 visas allowing temporary stay in the US for members of foreign art groups.

Boyadzhan headed the international fraudulent network, whose members rotated visa fraud schemes aimed at getting Armenian citizens into the US, deceiving the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and providing it with documents that the Armenians applying for a visa were members of folk dance collectives, and therefore had the right to C-3 visas.

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The brutal murder of a professor in Brooklyn

Photo: Google + / Mirzo Atadzhanov

7 May 28-year-old man killed 66-year-old professor Jeremy Safran in the basement of his home in Brooklyn.

Police officers who arrived at the crime scene found the attacker in a closet in the basement of the scientist's house, he was an immigrant from Tajikistan Mirzo Atajanov.

At the court meeting on this case the suspect did not admit his guilt. Atajanov said that Safran, a professor at the New School of Social Research in Manhattan, sometimes asked him to repair electricity, but they were not familiar.

According to the investigation, Atajanov told Safran that he was not an electrician, but the professor still invited him so that he could adjust the lighting in the house.

After doing the work, the lamp still flickered, despite Atajanov's attempts to repair it, and this, according to the suspect, upset the professor, and he expressed an insult to immigrants. The suspect was hurt by these words, and a fight broke out between the men, which eventually ended in the death of a scientist.

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The killer of a Ukrainian journalist in the US

Andrey Inosov.

Andrei Inosov, who is a suspect in the case of the murder of Ukrainian journalist Vasily Sergienko, was detained in the United States.

This was announced by a friend of the deceased and a witness in his case, Oleg Sobchenko.

“Andrei Inosov is detained in the States. This is another crime perpetrator, he was wanted for a long time. It was known that he was in the United States, but now the FBI has already detained him. He is in custody, and the court is considering the issue of his deportation, ”said Sobchenko.

The transfer of Inosov to Ukraine is handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the international department of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, Inosov led a group of people who kidnapped a journalist and handed him over to the murderers.

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Ill-treatment of landlords

Photo: State Attorney Cener

In New York, the Brooklyn Supreme Court sentenced 67-year-old landlord Yuri Baumlit to five years in prison for fraud with Medicaid insurance and ill-treatment of tenants.

Baumlit pleaded guilty to fraud, theft on a large scale and illegal eviction of tenants. The man threw tenants into the street without a court order, broke kitchen stoves so that tenants could not cook, and also locked up apartments and did not let tenants into apartments.

In one of the cases, Baumlit took the bed from one of the tenants. The man slept on the floor for four months and then sued Baumlit to return the bed.

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Passenger kidnapping by Uber driver

Photo: Rancho Cordova Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

A Russian-speaking driver, Uber, was arrested after he kidnapped three women in Sacramento and threatened to kill them.

The incident occurred in the summer of 2018 of the year, and 17 of August 36-year-old Mark Filanov was arrested by the sheriff's Sacramento department.

Filanov is in the prison district of Sacramento, he was charged with kidnapping, including terrorist threats.

In the meantime, Uber has issued a statement: “A violation of behavior reported by passengers is unacceptable. We removed this driver’s access to the application immediately after learning about the incident, and we are ready to assist in the investigation. ”

The company says the driver was just one of Uber’s driving partners for several months and had no problems.

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Brutal beauty killer

Photos: Facebook

Queens Prosecutor's Office in New York City has accused 42-year-old Russian woman Victoria Nasyrova of attempted murder.

The list of crimes of the Russian Victoria Nasyrova continues to grow after she first appeared in court. February 28 prosecutors in New York charged her with the attempted murder of cosmetologist Olga Tsvik.

The Russian woman managed to “make friends” with Olga Tsvyk in New York, having invented a cunning plan to steal her identity. All due to the fact that women are similar.

28 August 2016 Nasyrova, under the pretext of the need to correct eyelashes, came to her with a cheesecake "as a gift." As it turned out, the dessert was poisoned: the treat was ordinary, but soon Olga felt nauseous, and the last thing she remembers was that Nasyrova told her: "Don't worry, I will clean everything."

Through 2 of the day, Olga found a landlord. Nasyrova dressed Olga in lace underwear and scattered pills. The landlord said that the heater was turned on in the room, and it was hot, like in a sauna.

Olga was lucky, because if her owner had not discovered her, in 40 minutes she could have a heart attack, the doctors said.

Olga's documents and her gold ring were found in Nasyrova's apartment. Victoria herself claims that Olga became ill even before her arrival.

In the US, 42-year-old Nasyrova is suspected of numerous crimes. She was charged with a series of robberies and poisonings in New York, the Russian woman denied her guilt. According to investigators, Nasyrova found potential male victims on Russian-language dating sites, arranged visits for them, and at the meeting mixed into drinks or food stupefying substances, then robbed.

Nasyrova was delayed in Brooklyn 20 March 2017 of the year.

Forumdaily managed to get an exclusive interview with Victoria NasyrovaRevelations of a Russian woman suspected of cruel murder: an interview from an American prison "

Read more: In New York, Russian woman Nasyrova was accused of attempted murder with a cheesecake.

Pastor's scam with securities

Vitaly Korchevsky.
Screenshot from video

A court in the Eastern District of New York found convicted of securities fraud of ex-vice president of Morgan Stanley, an immigrant from the former USSR (Kazakhstan) Vitaly Korchevsky.

According to the American prosecutor's office, as a result of his illegal activities, Korchevsky made a profit of $ 30 million.

The defendant did not admit his guilt, arguing that he himself was the victim of fraudsters.

In addition to Korchevsky, two other attackers appear in the case, one of whom is Ukrainian and the other is Russian citizenship. All of them are charged with participation in a criminal insider scheme, which allowed them to extract illegal profits in the amount of $ 30 million.

The scheme involved hackers who obtained the information affecting the quotes before it was officially made public, and traders who use the information obtained for dealing operations.

According to the investigation, the criminal group worked in this way for about five years, hacking into the websites of distributors of financial press releases - MarketWired, PR Newswire and Business Wire.

Based on the information received, traders have completed stock transactions with Acme Packet Inc., Align Technology Inc., Caterpillar Inc., Dealertrack Technologies Inc., Dendreon Corp., Edwards Lifesciences Corp., Panera Bread Co. and Verisign Inc.

Read more: In New York, the Russian-speaking pastor was convicted of a securities scam worth $ 30 million.

The priest of the Ukrainian church in Chicago robbed 96-year-old parishioner

Photo: Cook County Department of Corrections

In the US, 57-year-old former priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate Hol Patronage Church of Chicago Nicholas Chervyatyuk was found guilty of stealing more than 330 thousand dollars from the accounts of 96-year-old wife Helli Brijman. The priest faces a prison term of up to 15 years.

In 2016, Chervyatyuk used Bridgman's money to fund two restaurants he co-founded with convicted drug dealer Brash & Sassy Inc and bought properties in the Chicago area, according to case details.

In 2015, Bridgman was diagnosed with dementia (senile dementia). She lived alone, since in 2004, her husband died, and the couple did not have children.

In 2015, the priest accepted Bridgman's power of attorney to manage the finances and was supposed to assist her, but he sent her to a nursing home.

In the following months, he began to cash out 170 thousands of dollars and transferred money to other accounts.

Read more: A priest of a Ukrainian church in Chicago robbed a 96-year-old parishioner who survived the Nazi camp.

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